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Taste the world!
Vol. 12 No. 7

Huevos Rancheros, above, made with Mrs. A's Salsa Buena are a delicious meal at any time of day. Leah Aguayo's high school students were right to encourage her to put her all-natural salsas on the market!

Wild Planet's wide range of top-quality, sustainably caught seafood products are so versatile. Here's a recipe that uses their Wild Pink Salmon: Spicy Salmon Nori Wraps, above.

Salmon with GC Culinary Fish Rub, above, is made with estate-grown products from the GC Napa Valley Culinary ranch. Though California grown, their origins are in Europe and Asia.

Argentines really know their steak and how best to prepare it. The family that owns the super-popular Gardel's Restaurant in LA, has bottled their Chimichurri Sauces for our backyard BBQs. Learn the perfect method for cooking Skirt Steak Argentine Style, above.

Korean BBQ Meatballs, above, are made with the Organic Korean BBQ Sauces from Genuine Grub. You choose Original or Spicy.

Engage Organics specializes in salt-free spice blends for every type of food. In Bacon and Tomato Pasta, above, their Tuscany Mix plays a starring role.

Wrap a Valley Lahvosh Armenian-style flatbread around just about anything! In this case, Armenian Meatball Kebabs in Flatbread.

Fall River Wild Rice gives extra flavor and texture to Wild Rice Chili Con Carne. Preparation is a snap with their pouches of cooked wild rice.

The origin of the Arawak Farm product line, is its founder's Caribbean Arawak Indian heritage. Unique Indigenous Arawak Indian blends, using fragrant Caribbean spices and herbs, go into their Jerk Pepper Sauce, used to make Jerk Pork Loin, above.

Taste the world!

You can taste the world with many of the products from the Savor California group.

Silk Road Soda is an effervescent take on Grandma's legendary Persian recipe. These low-calorie refreshers, above, are filled with pure, organic ingredients and offer a cultural experience with every sip.

Tuber Tonic, above, is the most popular tea in the Mendocino Tea Company / Tuber Tonic line. The tumeric and ginger are common in southern Asia.

Jeremiah's Pick Coffee is known for their premium, organic coffees, and they now make Choctal BBQ Rub, above. This 100% natural dry rub is made with estate grown Arabica beans and natural cacao nibs from Africa and South America. Fresh, aromatic and full-bodied, Chocatal satisfies chocolate and coffee lovers alike.

For a multicultural beverage, try 10th Avenue Tea's Matcha Chai Latte, above. Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea, prized for the Japanese tea ceremony. Chai is the Chinese word for tea. Latte is a shortened form of the Italian caffè latte and means milk coffee.

The Living Upland Cress from the farms of Pete's Living Greens is sold with the roots attached, so it's fresh-picked when you use it. For instance, for an easy and healthy pasta sauce: Cressto Pesto Sauce, above.

The Pitted Lemon Green Olives from California Coast Naturals are the starring flavor in a simple, healthy pasta recipe: Penne with Spinach, Green Olives & Parmesan, above.

In Israel hummus is eaten every day, and with the four varieties made by Yamba Hummus, you have lots of choices. Delicious in Hummus Veggie Pita Pockets, above.

The Mango Chipotle Spread made by Just Jan's is good on anything, such as a Cubano Sandwich, above.

Panforte was a nutritious, portable food for the Romans, and it can be for us as well. Except that the 3 flavors of this traditional Italian dessert made by Napa Cakes Panforte are way better, made with California nuts and fruits: Original (shown above), Apricot Almond, and Fig Walnut.

Though French toast dates back to 5th Century France, they never had it this good! Perfect for breakfast or dessert, the crunchy crumble topping on this French Toast Pudding, above, is made with Oat Cuisine's Ginger Pecan Granola.

Glyká Sweets uses their Yiayiá (Grandma) Lilly’s recipe for the traditional twisted butter cookies called Koulourákia, above. Subtly sweet and sprinkled with sesame seeds, these crunchy cookies are hand-rolled and twisted into a key-like shape, giving them a coiled “handle” to dip into coffee, tea or milk.

The British love this traditional dessert that B.toffee has taken to a whole new level: Sticky B.toffee Pudding, above. Whether you call it pudding like the British do, or cake like Americans do, everyone calls it amazing!

For a lovely sweet and savory combination: P*DE*Q's made-in-California Brazilian cheesebread morsels, dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with a chocolate mocha sauce. Accompanied, of course, with a cup of Brazilian coffee. Above.

Maudet's Artisan French Crêpes makes authentic traditional crêpes that are exactly like the ones that are a favorite in Brittany in France. So simple to make a tasty and dramatic dessert: Crêpes with Yogurt and Berries, above.

Aprikozen Fleck, otherwise known as Austrian Apricot Cake, above, is made with healthy Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil. It can also be made with other stone fruit, such as peaches or plums.

Chef Martin Yan of the television show, Yan Can Cook, created these dessert wontons especially for the California Dried Plum Board, using Taylor Brothers Farms Dried Plums: Dried Plum and Ginger Wontons, above.

The Germans probably wish they had come up with this idea, because these bars are so good. ReGrained upcycles “Supergrain” from urban craft breweries and makes it into delicious, healthy snack bars, above.

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