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The adaptable apple
Vol. 13 No. 9

Apple Cinnamon Scones are easy enough to make without "eating into" your weekend plans. Use Giusto's Specialty Foods for perfect results.

A savory flavor combination of creamy brie and apple onion compote in a crispy phyllo parcel. Baked Brie Apple Bites from The Perfect Bite Co., above, go from frozen, to oven, to your table. Easy peasy.

Apples are the perfect addition to an Antipasto Tray. In Pacific Pickle Works' version, above, apples add a little sweetness and color to meats, cheeses, nuts, and an assortment of PPW's pickled vegetables.

So many tasty components go to make Crab, Apple and Watercress Salad, above, topped with a dressing made with La Tourangelle Artisan Oils's award-winning Walnut Oil.

Wild Planet's line of sustainably caught premium seafood includes mackerel, which combines with pickled beets and grated Granny Smith apples to make an easy, pretty, and healthy appetizer: Mackerel, Beet & Apple Slaw, above.

Known for their award-winning goat cheeses (and innovative cheese names), Cypress Grove developed this recipe: PscheDilllic Sweet & Crunchy Salad. PsycheDillic is made with aromatic, hand-harvested dill pollen to create a depth of flavor and a tart and bright finish.

The secret ingredient for your barbecue sauce? Apple Cider Vinegar from Sonoma Syrup Co. Use it, plus their White Ginger Infused Simple Syrup to make White Ginger Barbecued Ribs, above.

Adaptable Apples

Just eat 'em! Or -- combine them raw in salads, bake with them, add them to a compote or soup, munch on them in superfood bites, even use apple cider vinegar. Talk about versatile!

Julia Conway, the co-partner in Stella Cadente Olive Oil, is a chef, so she comes up with marvelous recipes. This one uses their Blood Orange Olive Oil: Sweet Potato, Chipotle and Apple Soup.

The Verjus from Kokomo Culinary brightens the flavors of many dishes, including Apple Chutney, above. Fold it into crêpes, serve with a roast meat, or pair with cheeses.

Silk Road Soda's Organic Pear with Mint has a sweet and juicy pear flavor with balance and sophistication, coupled with mint and apple cider vinegar for an refreshing treat.

For a premium take on a classic cocktail, this Apple Gin and Tonic is made with Top Hat Provisions's East Indian Tonic. Doing the British Raj one better.

Food inventor Greg Durst of Urban Foods has created a line of "superfood bites" in tasty flavor combinations, such as Tart Cherry Apple, above.

Caged Heat Cocktail Syrup from NickelDime Syrups adds a delicious kick to both the apple filling and the sauce in Apple Galette with Salted Caramel Sauce, above.

It can be comfort food, and also looks pretty when served in individual ramekins. 21 Missions Organics Agave Syrup is the sweetener in Apple Crisp, above.

Kween Foods has gotten creative with their Granola Butter to make nourishing and indulgent Dark Chocolate & Granola Butter Apple Nachos, above.

Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen has a beautiful, light flavor, aromatic with a floral aroma and sweetness. It isn't a separate taste in a dish; it just brings all the flavors of the dish together beautifully. Try Apple Cake with Fennel Pollen, above.

Elegant Brie's Apple Blossoms, above, are the ultimate in gourmet and gorgeous. They're a rose-shaped dessert made with apple slices wrapped in sweet and crispy puff pastry.

Kick your baked apples up a spicy notch with this recipe from Jenkins Jellies for Baked Passion Fire Apples, above. They're so easy to make with their Passion Fire Hot Pepper Jelly and pecans.

Salute Santé! was a pioneer in the production of premium quality Grapeseed Oil, and they have formed partnerships with chefs to promote its many benefits, including its health properties and its high smoke point. The Fresh Apple Tart, above, has a grapeseed oil crust.

Sweet Gems, made by P*DE*Q, are gluten-free morsels with three different fillings: Apple, above, Peach, and Triple Berry. Each mini-pie is a melt-in-your-mouth treat.

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