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Gifts to savor and share
Vol. 13 No. 12

Give the gift of tasty heat with a RedBeards Hot Sauce Gift Box. On their website, you'll find many delicious --some unexpected -- ways to use it, such as Amazing Shrimp Cocktail.

One of Oprah’s Favorite Things: The Grapeseed Oil Pantry from Salute Santé! Use the Original Grapeseed Oil for cooking and salads. The Chardonnay and Merlot extra virgin cold pressed grapeseed oils are best for drizzling as finishing oils. The infused grapeseed oils (roasted garlic, basil, and lemon) are the perfect liquid spice.

Any one of the Artisan Gift Sets from La Tourangelle Artisan Oils would make a welcome holiday surprise for any cook on your list. The Favorites Trio combines Roasted Walnut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Toasted Sesame Oil. All non-GMO.

The Gift Sets from Cypress Grove include The Entertainer, with everything you need to get the party started. This set includes eight cheeses plus jam, chocolate, and flatbread crackers.

The perfect gift for the discriminating host or hostess: Truffle Mousse Twin Pack from Fabrique Délices with their delectable mousse made with creamy chicken livers, truffles and cèpes (porcini) marinated in sherry wine.

Bring the taste of California ranch life with a Cowboy BBQ Gift Box, containing Moppin' Sauce, Jalapeño Relish, Corn Salsa, Seasonings, Rub, and more.

This Gift Box from Sonoma Syrup Co. won the coveted Sofi Award from the Specialty Food Association. It has a trio of artisan extracts: Almond, Vanilla, and Lemon.

A gift for the cook: Kokomo Culinary's Verjus is truly a flavor enhancer, in some dishes even better than vinegar, citrus or salt. Comes in a bottle or a stay-fresh bag-in-a-box.

You get to choose any 2 of the 32-ounce jars from Proper's Pickle for a pickle lover's gift: Classic Dill Slices, Classic Dill Spears, Pickled Cauliflower, Spicy Dill Slices, Spicy Dill Spears, or Michelada Mix.

Give a Sampler Pack of all 6 flavors almonds from Giddy Up Nuts, or choose a 2-pack or a 3-pack of any flavors you want. Original Spiced, Pumpkin Spiced, Coffee Chocolate, Rosemary Garlic, Lemon Zest, and Brazen Buffalo Wing.

When you give the gift of raw honey from Massey Honey Co., you give a gift of both wonderful taste and good health. The Gift Set contains three large jars of California honey: Wildflower, Orange Blossom and Sage.

Cool in more ways than one: a 3-pack of Jittery John's Cold Brew Cold Brew, Special Edition Espresso Blend Flasks. Ready to drink and enough to share.

Give the gift of a trip to beautiful Pt Reyes, California, to enjoy the coast and Bovine Bakery's baked goods: muffins, scones, cookies, pies, pizza, and more. Call 415-663-9420 for gift certificates.

Jenkins Jellies Sampler Gift Set of their pepper jellies includes Passion Fire, Hell Fire, Fiery Figs, and Guava Brava. Also check out their cookbook, "Sweet Heat."

Napa Cakes Panforte makes three varieties, all of them appropriately festive. Original, Fig Walnut, and Apricot Almond, shown here.

At your holiday party, set out this delectable platter of cheeses, fruit, and candied nuts from Black Bow Sweets, and then send each guest home with their own Gift Box.

Any one of these boxes of Apple Cider Caramels from Little Apple Treats will make a super stocking stuffer. Get the whole set and be a gift-giving hero.

Little Belgians makes a traditional, crispy Belgian cookie. You can give a Gift Box that includes both the original and vanilla flavors, plus a couple of Little Belgian coffee mugs. And you can also send one of Oprah's Favorite Things: the St. Nick cookie.

Alice's Sweet Tooth's melt-in-your-mouth meringue kisses are gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with organic ingredients. But their true-to-flavor tastes are what will hook you and please your gift recipients. Give a variety pack of all 6 flavors or choose the three classics: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip, and Cocoa, or the three fruit flavors: Mango, Raspberry, and Blueberry.

B.toffee handcrafted toffees deliver a brilliant combination of warmth and sophistication. "Savory butters, fine domestic sugars, premium chocolate, and superior quality nuts" define both Milk and Dark B.toffees.

Everybody loves Laceys from Desserts on Us. Buy a 1-pound Gift Tin of award-winning Dark Chocolate Almond Laceys. Encourage the recipient to share by being there when they open it.

Gift the gift of good nourishment with a variety pack from Kween Foods, which includes Pumpkin Spice Granola Butter, Original Granola Butter and Original Granola Butter with Collagen Protein.

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