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Be nice to Santa
Vol. 6 No. 9

Treats for Santa

Want to make points with Santa on Christmas Eve? He won’t be able to resist these extraordinary treats – and hopefully that will be reflected in the gifts he leaves!

Kari's Chocolate Malva Pudding, above, is what we would call a rich, moist cake. Now she makes a chocolate version, and accompanied by a scoop of ice cream, it's irresistible.

Made with exotic home-candied citrus peels, young ginger, and flawless fruits and nuts from small California farms, then aged for flavor, wrapped in cheesecloth, tied with linen string and doused with good liquor, these Robert Lambert Fruitcakes will "rock your world," as one food blogger put it. (Slice of White Fruitcake on the left, Dark Fruitcake on the right.)

Bet Santa's never had a cookie made with mushrooms! But wait till he tastes these. Connie Green of Wine Forest sent us this recipe for Candy Cap Cookies. Dried Candy Cap mushrooms give them a magical maple flavor and sublime aroma.

For the wine-loving connoisseur with a sweet tooth, nothing could be better than cupcakes frosted with King's Cabernet frosting from The Frosting Queens. Just squeeze all-natural, delicious frosting from the foil pouch, stand back and graciously accept the praise. (Shown above with Velvety Vanilla Buttercream.)

Napa Cakes Panforte (literally “strong bread”) is a California take on a traditional Italian dessert, made with California-grown fruits, nuts and spices. It's even nutritious, sort of like a health food bar, but oh-so-delicious.

It's never too cold for ice cream, and since Santa has that heavy suit on, and it's probably nice and warm in your living room, he would be delighted to discover a dish of Tangerine-Rosemary Ice Cream, above, from Fox & Swan Ice Cream.

Cookbook gifts

Sondra Bernstein, producer of the girl & the fig Fig Food, and owner of destination restaurants in Sonoma, has just published her second cookbook, Plats du Jour.

Connie Green, owner of Wine Forest Wild Foods, and Sarah Scott have written The Wild Table: Seasonal Foraged Food and Recipes, above. It includes tips on foraging for wild foods and recipes for wild ingredients.

The Jimtown Store Cookbook, above, from Carrie Brown's Jimtown Store and restaurant in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County is a perennial favorite.

Snacks for Santa's sleigh

In case Mrs. Santa comes along to visit your house, she will love to have Hottie Biscotti's Coconut Biscotti, above, to nibble on during the "cold winter's night."

Sure to please Santa: Put Your Money on Honey salted caramels, above, made with California wildflower honey enrobed in dark chocolate and sprinkled with fleur de sel from Droga Confections for that sweet-salty craving.

Foreign exchange broker turned artisan food maker, Cassandra Chen, says she loves caramel better than chocolate. Santa will want CC Made's Caramels to snack on during that long night, above.

Fancy Food Show

Santa will be back at the North Pole, but the Savor California folks will be showing off their best at the 37th Winter Fancy Food Show, January 15-17. We would love to see all members of the trade at our mega-booth, #304, North Hall, California section (naturally), Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Sonoma Brinery, above

BrannenGourmet, Spicy Cranberry Paradise Pepper Sauce, above
Culinary Twist

Diane's Sweet Heat, above
Fall River Wild Rice

La Bonita California

Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products, above
Holly Baking
Mrs. A's Salsa Buena
Napa Cakes Panforte

Oren's Kitchen, Rosemary Almonds above
Pollen Ranch
Recente Italiano

Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Products, above
Taylor Brothers Farms
Wine Forest Wild Food, wild chanterelle mushrooms below

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