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What goes with beer?
Vol. 8 No. 8

Lots here for the beer lover...

...whether these ideas are made with beer or go with beer!

If you make your own sushi, use the best sushi rice: limited production Koda Farms Kokuho Rose® Brand. It's an heirloom medium-grain Japanese style rice. Fragrant, with a slightly sticky and tender texture, it's perfect.

Membrillo (quince paste) is the most delicious accompaniment to cheese -- and beer. Try it with any firm salty cheese, such as manchego. Somehow Robert Lambert manages to make membrillo even better than the Spanish original.

Of course, a classic go-with-beer, is tortilla chips. Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, above, makes 3 flavors to choose from: Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, Deep Blue Corn with Chia Seeds, and Hawaian Barbecue.

Ya gotta have some Latin Heat Salsa, above, to go with those tasty chips. Made with Sauce Goddess' Latin Heat Spice Rub.

Beer's my favorite beverage with ceviche, and here's a twist on the traditional recipe from California Endive Farms: Shrimp & Avocado Ceviche in Endive Boats, above.

Or try Edamame with Miso Dressing on Endive Leaves.

Make-your-own pork tacos are popular party fare. Spicy & Sweet Pulled Pork Tacos, above, use Sauce Goddess' spice rub and glaze. Add the coleslaw, and you've got a complete meal.

Agave Nectar Craft Ale is crafted with 21 Missions Organics agave nectar and wheat for a subtle sweetness, a balanced taste, and a smooth finish. It's the secret to Agave Nectar Ale Chicken Breasts.

Giusto's Specialty Foods specialty pizza flour for your Pizza Dough for perfect results every time.

Pure olive juice from Sonoma Syrup Co., combined with your favorite craft beer or ale, makes a Dirty Blonde, above.

A lot of customers order a case of Jalapeño Stuffed Olives from California Coast Naturals specifically to put in their beers. Try it, you'll like it!

For a little kick in your cocktail, try the Spicy Apricot & Ale Cocktail, below, garnished with dried Blenheim apricots from B & R Farms.

The easiest meal that will also please the most sophisticated beer lover's palate: Chicken Merguez Sausages, below, a spicy Mediterranean sausage from
Fabrique Délices.

A whole chicken cooked on the grill can be moist and delicious when a spice rub from Manjaman Foods is combined with an unusual technique: Manjaman Beer Can Chicken, below.

Fries to go with that chicken or the sausages? No one can resist Garlic Fries, below, made with AddGarlic's Jalapeño Pepper Gourmet Garlic.

Or use Caley & Cobb's Mushroom Risotto (arborio rice and a seasoning packet that includes woodland mushrooms, parsley, garlic and tarragon), below. They suggest Hangar 24's Amarillo Pale Ale as the perfect pairing.

You can make much more interesting pretzels at home than you can ever buy. For instance, Savory Spinach Chive Soft Pretzels, which use Numi Organic Tea's Spinach Chive Savory Tea.

Carrot Currty Savory Tea Cheese Ball is a beer-friendly appetizer that uses another one of Numi's savory teas.

Marinate anything in Zena's SASS Sassy Peanut-Sesame Sauce, especially tri-tip in Tropical Tri-Tip Skewers, below.

Beer and pickles

When asked what goes with beer, Dave of Sonoma Brinery wrote, "Are you kidding me?! Nobody should even think about drinking a cold beer without a plate of kosher pickles near by. Peanuts...? OK. But if you want the best out of beer and still be able to buckle your belt, you need a kosher pickle sitting next to that ice cold brew!"

Let's go one even better, with Pastrami and Manhattan-Style Pickles, above, from Sonoma Brinery. Or use their sauerkraut to make delicious Beer-Braised Beef.

Meatloaf Gone Wild, above, is truly "wild" because it's made with both Earl's Gone Wild California Barbecue Sauce and California Spice Mixture.

The secret to making an extraordinary Flank Steak Sandwich
, above, is Bellindora Vinegars' Fig Balsamic.

Elevate Beef Short Ribs, above, to craft beer worthiness with the kick from Sartain's Menu The Sauce.

You can make a
Portobello Cheeseburger with Mendocino Mustard's Seeds & Suds Mustard Mayonnaise. Or make Mussels Steamed in Beer, above, with a sauce made with Seeds & Suds Mustard, beer, and crème fraîche. Better have lots of crusty bread to sop up the sauce!

Marinate chicken (or any other meat or fish) overnight in a Ginger-Garlic Marinade, and then drizzle some more California Habanero Blends' Sweet Ginger-Garlic Sauce just before serving. Serve the same beer that you use in the marinade.

Save room for dessert

For the beer lover who also loves chocolate: Chocolate Cake with Stout. The last step is simple. Just open a package of The Frosting Queens' all-natural, real butter Charmed Chocolate Frosting.

And something for the ice cream and stout lover, this tasty combination: Guinness Stout poured over Loard's Guinness-infused ice cream!

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