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The Un-Wheat
Vol. 8 No. 9

The Un-Wheat?

I don't really have a very good explanation for this title, except that I have Halloween on the brain. And I've been seeing so many interesting recipes and products recently that use legumes or grains other than wheat.

Farro, for instance. 21 Missions Organics sells semi-pearled farro that makes Farro, Radicchio, and Roasted Beet Salad -- not only delicious, but beautiful.

Giusto's Specialty Foods makes a wide variety of flours, including Unbleached Malted Bread Flour, Organic Old Mill Reduced Bran Flour -- and Organic Polenta for easy Polenta with Sautèd Mushrooms and Onions, above.

An elegant appetizer is a breeze with Corn Cakes from
The Perfect Bite Co., above, topped with sour cream and smoked salmon.

Or the classic presentation of Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, on a potato pancake, above.

Peppery cress from Pete's Living Greens adds zing to Pumpkin, Lentil, and Goat Cheese Salad, above.

Okay, so it's a type of wheat, but wheat berries are the whole wheat kernel minus the hull. They give a delightful crunch to Tuna Wheat Berry Salad, above, which features Wild Planet sustainably-caught tuna.

Sliced endive from California Endive Farms can be mixed in with a salad, or used as both decoration and a tasty, healthy means of eating a salad, such as Red Quinoa Salad in Endive Boats, above.

Savory Teas from Numi Organic Tea make Fennel Spice Quinoa Salad with Citronette Dressing and Savory Mint Tomato Quinoa.

Diced apricots from B & R Farms, nuts and orange zest jazz up Apricot Quinoa Salad, above.

Robert Lambert's Salt Preserved Rangpur Limes or Meyer Lemon are the key ingredient in Hummus a la Lambert, below.

Pea Pâté? Stella Cadente Olive Oil's Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is the secret ingredient, below.

Bean dips are perennial favorites. Here are a couple of good ones:

Fava Bean Dip uses Salute Santé! 's Grapeseed Oils.

Fat-Free Bean Dip, below, uses heritage Pinquito Beans from Susie Q's Artisan Foods.

Dip or spread with handmade, organic, whole grain, vegan Country Crackers from Judy's Breadsticks rolled in sunflower seeds or sesame seeds.

Organic blue corn infused with chia makes Whale Tails' ”Chia” Tortilla Chip, below. Chia, the rediscovered ancient Mayan super seed, adds a healthy punch and a wonderful nut like flavor.

Fiesta Chicken with Queso Fresco & Pepitas can be served on rice, quinoa, or anything you like. It's made with Fiesta Margarita Sauce from Cathy's Sassy Sauce.

Fall River Wild Rice make a number of products from wild rice, imcluding Wild Rice Flour and Fully Cooked Wild Rice, which is used in Wild Rice with Butternut Squash, below.

Koda Farms is a rice specialist, with many types grown on their Central Valley Ranch, including their proprietary heritage variety, Kokuho Rose, which is featured in Brown Rice Pilaf with Saffron and Ginger.

Zena's SASS takes rice up a notch in Rice Medley with Sassy Almond-Sesame Sauce, below.

With the little chill in the air these days, Italian Garbanzo Bean Sun Dried Tomato Soup, above, is just the ticket. The tomatoes are from Mooney Farms' Bella Sun Luci.

Little Devil Spice Blend from Pollen Ranch gives a kick to Black Bean & Tomato Soup.

Pão de Queijo, the little, round Brazilian treats, above, are made by P*DE*Q with tapioca flour. Their name means "cheese bread." Whether sweet or savory, they're the perfect accompaniment to everything.

Good-as-homemade Red Lentil Veggie Soup, above, is a snap with Nona Lim's line of soups and chills, that also includes Asian Lemongrass, All-Bean Chili, Thai Green Curry, and Carrot Ginger.

Cooking chicken in a broth with Estolia's Chile Verde Sauce gives it such great flavor. Use it in this colorful and delicious Sopa de Estolia, above, with vegetables and black beans.


Take a ride out to Bovine Bakery in Pt. Reyes Station and reward yourself with their Chocolate Cherry Almond Cookie, above. Made with a mix of un-wheat flours: brown rice, tapioca, potato.

Of course, the popcorn from Cornology is all gluten-free, and it can combine protein too, with Whole Lot of Nuts, above.

Shelley's Biscotti makes such interesting and tasty biscotti, using a variety of seeds, nuts, and spices. For instance, Five-Seed Almond Raisin Biscotti, Gluten-free Cornmeal Cranberry Orange Almond Biscotti, and Sesame Cardamom Regina Biscotti, above.

Blintzes without gluten or lactose? Vegans celebrate! It's true -- no compromise on taste! Redwood Hill Farm's recipe for Blintzes, above, uses sour cream from their Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free line.

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