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So much chocolate,
so little time!
Vol. 9 No. 3


It's always a good time for a chocolate treat. For something so distinctive, chocolate certainly pairs with a lot of other delicious things. Nuts, orange, coconut, sea salt, to name just a few.

Old-fashioned ice cream made by hand -- that's why Loard's Ice Cream is so good. And they make so many different chocolate ice creams, including Almond Joy, Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Pineapple, and Kookie Dough.

The essence of orange is a subtle, intriguing flavor that compliments the rich layers of dark and semi-sweet chocolate in "Hidden Allure" made by Hottie Biscotti, above.

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter's recipe for Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Bars, above, is a wonderful combination of flavors for a decadent dessert.

These amazing Goat Cheese Truffles, above, are so easy to make with Cypress Grove, and so delicious!

Handmade Toffee Talk, above, has a dark chocolate coating that is just the right thickness to complement the toffee and nuts in the center. Made with almonds, pecans, red walnuts or peanuts. (Peanut Toffee Talk also contains a not-so-secret ingredient, peanut butter chips!).

A favorite at Bovine Bakery are their Dunbars, above, a triangular pastry made with chocolate, oats, nuts and a little whipping cream. It's even good for you!

Dark cupcakes with Velvety Vanilla Buttercream Frosting from The Frosting Queens are aptly named Devil Meets Angel, above.

Two cheeses, orange peel, ginger, chocolate, pistachios, and C. J. Olson Cherries' dried cherries make this extraordinary Dried Cherry Cannoli, above.

If you love bread pudding, take it up a notch with this recipe for Chocolate Fig Bread Pudding, above, from Valley Fig Growers.

It's worth the trip from anywhere to indulge in the Rich Chocolate Pudding, above, at Jimtown Store's charming spot among the vineyards outside of Healdsburg.

Chef Gerald Gass at McEvoy Ranch sent us this recipe for Chocolate Orange Cake, above, which uses McEvoy's Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

From the girl & the fig, a lovely box of six delectable black mission figs dipped in bittersweet chocolate and sealed with a “figurative” kiss, below. (Sorry, couldn’t resist….)

B & R Farms completely covers their premium Blenheim Apricots with milk and dark chocolate, below.

Snack like you mean it with the sweet saltiness of Cornology's Chocolate Drizzle, below. It's made by drizzling premium Guittard Milk Chocolate over their Sweet Corn Popcorn.

They don't call the cookies from Beth's Community Kitchen in Mill Valley Heavenly Little Cookies for nothing! There are 6 flavors, one of which is Chocolate Chip, below.

It's hard to imagine improving on Dang Foods' original coconut chips, but guess what? Now they're making Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Coated Toasted Coconut Chips, below. Look for this addictive snack in stores this fall.

Fudge is my Life's chocolate sauce over cheesecake, below. Yum! And topped with raspberries. Choose from five Chocolate Sauces: Dark, Orange, Mocha, Mint, and Ginger.

Wallaby Organic makes lusciously creamy and smooth, authentically strained Greek-style yogurt, using premium organic milk from local, pasture-based dairies, including Greek Low-fat Dark Chocolate, below.

Puffed wild rice gives the Dark Chocolate Bar, below, from Fall River Wild Rice a delightful crunch.

Laceys, below, from Desserts on Us are simply crispy, chocolatey goodness. Choose Chocolate Almond or Chocolate Macadamia.

Sonoma Syrup Co. makes artisan extracts and syrups: Infused Simple Syrups, Infused Breakfast Syrups, and American Bar Mixers. Their Bittersweet Chocolate Syrup makes the perfect Bittersweet Mocha, below.

Take a Chocolate P*DE*Q, pipe on some cream cheese or whipped cream, top with a sliced strawberry, and wow! Your mouth just went on vacation courtesy of P*DE*Q.

At Cocoa Parlor's chocolate salon in Laguna Niguel, you can purchase these delectable Chocolate Coconut Truffles, above, and much more. Cocoa Parlor also supplies retailers with their handmade chocolates.

Whether you are on a gluten-free diet or not, you will love to indulge in this Double Chocolate Layer Cake (or the Vanilla Cake) made by Tia's Bakery, a bakery that specializes in gluten-free cakes, including individual sizes.

Meyenberg's Cream Cheese is the basis for this Strawberry Goat Cheese Pie, above, made with a chocolate graham cracker crust.

You don't have to choose! Shelley's Biscotti makes these extra nutty and very crunchy biscotti, above, with roasted California almonds and delicate freshly ground soft-stick Ceylon cinnamon and then dips them in rich creamy white chocolate or dense dark chocolate.

Any coffee break will be vastly improved by having a dish of buttery Elaine's Toffee's Toffee Nuggets, above. They're layered with milk or dark chocolate and topped with a dash of chopped almonds.

The newest addition to Robert Lambert's line of artisan chocolate sauces is Coconut Dark Chocolate Sauce. This dairy-free sauce is composed of coconut water, thick, rich coconut milk, sweetened with brown sugar, fine dark rum and Madagascar vanilla for a sensuous tropical twist, then blended with a deep 72% dark chocolate. Top a tropical fruit salad, above, and dream of warm beaches.

Holly Baking's Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, above, taste like homemade, with milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Oat Cuisine's recipe for Granola Cookies with Chocolate Chips, above, uses their Original Gourmet Granola, but you can branch out and use their Cranberry or Ginger Pecan.

One of the four flavors of Alice's Stick Cookies is Orange with a Hint of Chocolate, above, which has chocolate chips in each buttery all-natural stick.

Keep It Real Food makes it possible to please your taste buds and take care of your body at the same time with their grain-free granola, crackers and desserts. Delicious, flourless Cocoa Nib Cookies, upper left, are made with almonds, coconut palm sugar, and of course, cocoa nibs.


Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products are almond specialists, because they are almond growers. Their assortment of flavored almonds include: Cinnamon Glazed, Country Herb & Garlic, Orange & Spice, and Honey Glazed. Their chocolate-covered almonds include Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate Toffee Almonds, and Cappuccino Almonds, upper right.


Taylor Brothers Farms' Organic Dried Plums are the secret ingredient that makes this Chocolate Torte, lower left, so deliciously moist. Also try Dried Plum Chocolate Pavé.


CC Made is known for their caramel candy, caramel popcorn, and caramel sauces. Sel Gris Caramel Sauce, Rosemary Infused Caramel Sauce, Chicory Coffee Caramel Sauce, Bay Infused Caramel Sauce, and Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce, lower right.

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