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Your new fall favorites
Vol. 9 No. 11

Salute Santé! 's recipe for Cream of Winter Squash Soup, above, is a tasty warm-me-up for a crisp fall day.

Having a party? Pass delicious Sun-Dried Tomato & Pancetta Stuffed Mushrooms made with Mooney Farms' Bella Sun Luci Julienned Sun Dried Tomates in Olive Oil.

McEvoy Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an important ingredient in both the vinaigrette and the salad for Fava Bean, Artichoke and Olive Salad, above.

Fabrique Délices' Boneless Magret Duck Breast halves with wild rice and a fresh-tasting orange-honey dressing are the major components of Duck and Wild Rice Salad, above.

Roasting vegetables brings out their sweetness. Combine with the richness of goat cheese and pecans, and balance with the fresh taste of endives from California Endive Farms for Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad, above.

Choose one of the spicy sweet Pepper Sauces from Arawak Farm — Mango-Pineapple, Mixed Berry, or Ginger-Basil — to make Roast Pork Loin, above, as the center of your holiday meal.

Citriburst Finger Limes, grown by Shanley Farms are a micro-citrus with interior pulp, described as citrus pearls. They are squeezed out of the finger lime, and the juice bursts from them when bitten into.

Their combination lime-lemon-grapefruit flavor is wonderful in many recipes, including Salmon and Bok Choy in Parchment Paper, above.

217 Not Found' recipe for Mediterranean Beef Stew with Figs, Red Wine and Olives, above, provides an interesting combination of sweet and salty in a rich, satisfying sauce.

Their Black Mission or Golden Calimyrna Figs are equally good.

Sweet Potato Sticks, below, are heavenly, dipped in Auntie Si's Lemongrass Vinegar.

Baked Yams, below, can be made with either Zena's SASS Peanut- or Almond-Sesame Sauce in medium or hott! An easy and delicious side dish.

You've never had corn bread this good! It's got Black Mission Fig Jam from the girl & the fig swirled through it: Dutch Oven Corn Bread with Fig Jam, below.

Another bread that's a favorite for cool weather is brown bread. The 217 Not Found have a new take on the traditional recipe: Boston Brown Bread with Figs, below.

Warm up with Thai Curry Chicken Noodle Soup, below, (also good for whatever might ail you). It is made with one of Nona Lim's broths and their Laksa Noodles.

Fall River Wild Rice and wild mushrooms are a great combination, and even better with the mild sweetness of dried pears in Wild Rice Stuffing with Wild Mushrooms, below.

Butternut Squash Salad, below, made with Live Gourmet Butter Lettuce from Pete's Living Greens can be served as a buffet centerpiece in a large pumpkin or plated individually in mini pumpkins.

A no-oil dressing is thickened with Robert Lambert's Blood Orange Syrup to coat the beets, which are then paired with feta cheese for Beet and Feta Salad, below.

Rosemary Caramel Sauce from CC Made is what makes their recipe for Almond Apple Tart, above, so extraordinary.

Cabernet grape are grown for the Gabrielle Collection of wines, and lavender grown in their organic herb garden goes into GC Napa Valley Culinary's estate Lavender Sea Salt and Lavender Infused Honey. Try them in Upsidedown Caramel Apple Cake with Lavender.

Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery plain goat milk kefir is a perfect substitute for buttermilk in any dish, and the result is wonderful in this recipe for Spice Cake, above.

Brownies are always in season, and this one is a fitting finish to a long day of holiday shopping or a fancy dinner: Frozen Brownie Ginger Hot Fudge Sundae, with Ginger Chocolate Sauce from Fudge is my Life.

Not Yer Momma's Granola sent us this recipe for an easy, yet elegant dessert: Baked Pears with Granola Topping, above.

Fig and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, above, is a new twist on an old favorite. It uses either Mission or Calimyrna Figs from Valley Fig Growers.

B & R Farms Blenheim Apricots are big and luscious. Use them to dress up Baked Apricot Apples, above.

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