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Love that cheese
Vol. 10 No. 5

"Cheese" is a big word

Foodies love the many types of cheese and the myriad uses for it.

An easy homemade olive tapenade tops goat cheese from Cypress Grove to make Herbs de Humboldt® Tapenade Crostini, above.

Stella Cadente Olive Oil's Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is the basis for the rice wine vinaigrette used to dress Bowtie Pasta Salad with Asparagus, Smoked Mozzarella, and Prosciutto, above.

Chicken wings and blue cheese dip are a classic combination. Make them spicy with Sartain's Menu: Sartain's Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip, above.

The Cathy's Sassy Sauce recipe for Sassy Chicken Wings with Creamy Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce is based on her Tailgate Bloody Mary Sauce.

Everybody loves deviled eggs, and they are really yummy with a Southern twist in this recipe from Nibbi's Kitchen: Nibbi's Pimento Cheese Stuffed Deviled Eggs, above.

So many lively flavors combine in Endive Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Blood Orange and Walnuts, above, made with crisp, light endive from California Endive Farms.

The folks at Mooney Farms have been the sun-dried tomato specialists for years. Along with the company's olive oil, they give richness to Sun Dried Tomato Greek Salad, above.

Orzo Salad, above, uses crumbled Redwood Hill Farm Raw Milk Feta Goat Cheese.

For the perfect taste, contrast, and sheer visual delight, it's hard to match Beauty and the Brie, made with either Robert Lambert's Four Orange Marmalade or Five Lime Marmalade, above.

A healthy and tasty snack at any time of the day, Bagel with 5-Spice Cream Cheese, above, is made with a probiotic condiment from Cultured & Saucy.

This amazing recipe from Mendocino Mustard includes all the food groups! Portobello Bacon Cheeseburgers with Seeds & Suds Mayo, below.

The Jimtown Open Faced Sandwiches, below, use combinations of Jimtown Store's Fig & Olive Condiment (with goat cheese and prosciutto) and Chopped Olive Condiment (with brie and roasted red peppers.

Engage Organics' spice mixtures, Tuscany Mix and Garlicsaltless, give the zing to Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato, below.

Wraps are easy to make with the 15" round cracker bread from Valley Lahvosh. Use your imagination for the filling, or go with an Italian theme: Italian Valley Wraps, below.

A twist on an old favorite, combining spicy and salty, with a hint of sweetness. Spicy Mac and Cheese, below, is made with Jalapeño Relish from Cowboy BBQ.

Top Cobb Salad, below, with Qancha by Nazqiz, a traditional Peruvian corn snack, made with a healthy updated air popped method.

Mascarpone cheese and crunchy caramel cookies are combined with a lime cream made with Shanley Farms Finger Limes, and then the whole beautiful thing is topped with a dollop of Finger Limes: Citriburst Mojito Cheesecake Trifle, below.

A cross between fig newtons and cheesecake. So good! Valley Fig Growers' recipe for Fig & Goat Cheese Squares, below.

The Perfect Bite Co. makes a number of hors d'oeuvres with cheese that go from the freezer to the oven to the table, including Caramelized Onion & Feta Kisses, above.

Other treats for cheese lovers from The Perfect Bite Co. include: Gorgonzola Kisses and Ham & Swiss Arancini, below.

P*DE*Q makes delectable little Brazilian-style gluten-free cheese breads. Yummy on their own as a snack or appetizer, they also pair with just about anything, such as tasty sliders, below. The flavors of P*DE*Q: Original cheese, Jalapeño, Carrot Raisin, and Chocolate.

The gourmet delights made by Elegant Brie combine creamy brie cheese (rind removed), fresh filling ingredients, and a flaky crust to create the perfect hors d'oeuvre. Different hand-crafted designs top the crust, such as the wine motif below.

Each OneBar is a full serving of fruit, enriched with raw baobab powder. The baobab flavor is very subtle, mildly vanilla-citrus, but the nutritional impact is huge. The true-fruit flavors of OneBars pair beautifully with cheese. Try the Cherry OneBar with triple crème brie and the Apple OneBar with gouda, below.

Award-winning Hey Boo Coconut Jam is delicious and wholesome, as well as dairy and gluten free. Its rich creaminess and golden color make it a tasty and appealing addition to a cheese board, below.

Figs with Roasted Goat Cheese and Lavender Honey Drizzle, below, uses estate honey and lavender from GC Napa Valley Culinary. Topped with pomegranate seeds, they make a festive appetizer.

The layered tortas from Bella Chi-Cha can be kept in the freezer for instant and elegant hot d'oeuvres: Three-Layer Pesto Torta, Creamy Gorgonzola Torta with Figs, or Creamy Goat Cheese Torta with Apricots, below.

Alice's Stick Cookies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious right out of the box, and they also make a super crust for Cream Cheese Pie with Alice’s Stick Cookies Crust, below.

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