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Summer Fancy Food Show in New York
Vol. 10 No. 6

Sofi Award Finalists

The Sofi Awards from the Specialty Food Association are the "Oscars" of the food world.

The Savor California companies below are Silver Sofi finalists. The Gold Sofi winner will be announced during a red-carpet event at the New York Fancy Food Show, Monday, June 29.

You be the judge!

Foodservice and retail buyers are invited to judge the 2015 Sofi Finalists to select the Sofi Winners. Please note that only buyers are allowed to enter the room and that badges will be checked.

Sunday, June 28: 9 am – 12 pm
and 1 – 5 pm
Monday, June 29: 9 – 11 am
Javits Center, Room 1E12

Best Dessert Sauce, Topping and Syrup

446 Not Found
Charmed Chocolate Buttercream Frosting is a ready-to-use, all-natural frosting made with 100 percent pure butter, RBST-free and certified gluten-free. It's creamy and buttery and tastes like grandma made it, but without the mess. Also available in 25-pound containers for commercial bakeries or restaurants.
Booth #1475.

Best Jam, Preserve, Honey, and Nut Butter

Hey Boo
Premium Coconut Jam artisanally produced in San Francisco. Creamy coconut milk, fresh egg yolks, and sugar are slow cooked to perfection. The result is a silky, smooth jam with a golden color and rich creaminess. The wholesome jam is dairy- and gluten-free.
Booth #2844-A

Best Oil

La Tourangelle Artisan Oils
100% Fairtrade Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil produced directly from fresh organic coconut meat picked right off the tree. Thanks to the revolutionary centrifuge technology used in the process, the extra virgin coconut oil has an incredibly fresh flavor, a unique light texture and retains all the natural antioxidants and nutrients found in the fresh whole organic coconut.
Booth # 4631.

Best Salad Dressing

NaGo Foods, 2 finalists
Cracked Sesame Miso. Fresh roasted sesame seeds are cracked to enhance their natural flavors before combining just the right amount of natural lemon juice to balance the flavor, resulting in crisp notes with a delicious sesame flavor and a lemony finish.

Japanese Plum Miso. The special ingredient in this dressing is made from the pickled Japanese plum, also known as umeboshi. The plum is naturally processed into a pureed pulp that infuses perfectly with miso. This delicious dressing delivers sour, sweet, and salty flavors all at the same time.

Best Salsa or Dip

Cultured & Saucy
Lime Chili Cilantro Probiotic Salsa. This probiotic fermented salsa and dip can top Latin dishes, egg dishes, raw oysters, or shrimp dip. For instance, for an easy quick dip: Add to avocados, sour cream, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, or mashed beans. Fermentation offers depth and layers of taste. Garlic, lime, chile, and cilantro undertones linger deliciously.
Booth #1475.

Best Soup, Stew, Bean or Chili

Nona Lim
Nona Lim Thai Curry & Lime Broth. An all-natural bone broth spiced to perfection with traditional and wholesome Asian ingredients like lemongrass and coconut milk. Slow simmered with vegetables like carrots, onions, celery, and garlic, and packed directly from soup pot into handy BPA-free pouches. Sold cold so there are no additives, preservatives, or high sodium.
Booth #1475.

Best Vegan or Gluten-Free Product

Qancha by Nazqiz
Qancha Original. A new, unique, delicious and healthy corn snack. Nazqiz re-invented this popular corn snack consumed commonly in Peru in a sophisticated and healthier version with great flavors and textures. Made from Chulpe corn, an heirloom varietal grown in the Peruvian Andes, the kernels are air-toasted and lightly coated in avocado oil before seasoning. Qancha is high in fiber, naturally gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, nut and soy-free and has no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Booth #4570

Other Savor California companies exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show

Cypress Grove makes a full line of award winning goat cheeses, including soft-ripeend cheeses such as Humboldt Fog and Truffle Tremor; aged cheeses such as Lamb Chopper and Midnight Moon; and fresh chèvre such as PsycheDillic, Sgt. Pepper, Ms. Natural, Herbs de Humboldt, and Purple Haze.
Booth #566.

Fabrique Délices
Maker of over 100 different products including All Natural Pâtés, Mousses, Duck Confit, Magret, Duck Rillettes, Boudins, Sausages, Truffle Butter, Macarons, Cornichons and much more, offering the best and the most versatile line of charcuterie in the United States.
Booth #2067.

Giusto's Specialty Foods
The leading processor and wholesaler of organically grown grains in the western United States, Giusto's provides a wide selection of exceptional flours and baking ingredients for both home and professional bakers. Giusto’s Vita-Grain® is the “Best You Can Bake With,” providing performance, flavor and choice.
Booth #4025.

Mooney Farms' Bella Sun Luci
For over 20 years, Mooney Farms has been the market leader in providing authentic and easy to prepare foods to discerning consumers nationwide. From the sweetest sun dried tomatoes available to the most premium olive oil and fresh grown herbs, the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean inspire everything they create.
Booth #1244.

The Perfect Bite Co.
With a firm commitment to produce premium appetizers and mini-desserts, The Perfect Bite uses top-quality, all-natural, real ingredients and makes them individually in small batches. Originally famous for Pastry Kisses, the line has expanded to include mini pizzas, hamburgers, corn cakes, arancini, and quiches. The handmade detail makes each piece uniquely different in appearance, unlike the machine-made appetizers of other companies. Anything less could never be called The Perfect Bite.
Booth #3908.

Sonoma Syrup Co.
In Northern California's Wine Country, Sonoma Syrup applies the principles of exceptional ingredients, terroir and artisan blending to their lines of award-winning American Artisan culinary products: Infused Syrups, Extract Blends, and Bar Mixers, all handcrafted in small batches.
Booth #4231.

Valley Fig Growers
Makers of a wide variety of California Fig products under its brand names of Blue Ribbon® Orchard Choice®, Sun-Maid® and Old Orchard, plus a variety of Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Organic Fig products including whole dried figs, fig paste, and diced figs. The newest products are Fig Spreads: Mission, Balsamic Pepper, California Orange, and Port Wine.
Booth #1959.

Wild Planet
Wild Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, and White Anchovies, which are caught using sustainable practices that preserve ocean habitat and result in negligible mortality of non-target sea life and immature fish. Rated #1 for sustainability by Greenpeace. Packed with fresh-from-the-sea flavor and nutritional essentials.
Booth #1853.

Savor California brings Sofi Finalists to Booth #1475!

Every year at the Summer Fancy Food Show the Savor California booth includes Sofi Finalists. The California companies that are part of this small, elite group are simply masters of the craft of making gourmet specialty food.

This year Savor California is very excited to be bringing the following exceptional California companies and products to the New York Fancy Food Show, including Sofi Finalists!

Please visit us at Booth #1475.

Cultured & Saucy
The line of probiotic condiments developed by the Temkin sisters have captured the flavors of the foods they love and the exotic places they've been.

Rather than using cultures, their process creates an environment for spontaneous fermentation. When the fermentation is complete, each ingredient tastes more vibrant.

Cultured & Saucy condiments are made from naturally fermented onions, garlic, chiles, preserved lemons, limes and oranges. The flavors are:
Exotic 5 Spice
Lime-Chili-Cilantro Salsa (Sofi Finalist)
Herbs de Provence
Lemon-Garlic-Dill Mustard
Ginger-Mint-Saffron Condiment
Citrus-Ginger-Curry Chutney

Laguna Salt
Co-owner Jolie Mesmer explains that, "Table salt is stripped of its minerals and iodine is added, whereas sea salt retains all the minerals that occur naturally in its place of origin."

They make three types of handcrafted sea salts with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients: raw, infused, and smoked. Sold singly and as collections, such as "The Essentials," above, bottom.

Flavors include: Red Chipotle, Black Truffle, Summer Smoke, Lemon Flake, Sweet Hibiscus, Kona Bean, Ghost Pepper, Tuscan Rosemary, Toasted Onion, Roasted Garlic, Smoked Applewood, Wild Ginger, Hawaiian Black, Fleur de Sel, and Pink Himalayan.

New: "The Kitchen," an all-purpose sea salt blend that's an essential pantry ingredient, above, top.

Nona Lim
The company's purpose is to make simple, delicious food that is clean and convenient.

The three lines are:
Soups and Entrees
Rice Noodles
Broths (Thai Curry & Lime Broth is a Sofi Finalist)

Whole, clean, and responsibly sourced ingredients ensure the best tasting products. This is achieved through partnerships with local farms and like-minded purveyors, such as Hodo Soy.

All Nona Lim products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and ready to heat and serve.

Solstice Canyon
These almond butters are as healthy as they are delicious: USDA organic, vegan, raw, non-GMO, unpasteurized, and gluten-free.

They start with a base of organic, raw, unpasteurized European almonds, plus raw organic coconut, organic coconut sugar, and Himalayan pink salt.

Original Almond Butter
Cardamom & Clove Almond Butter
Aztec Chocolate Almond Butter

Also available as the Almond Butter Gift Trio.

The Frosting Queens
These all-natural buttercream frosting are made with actual, real-food ingredients, such as sugar, butter, milk, and pure vanilla extract.

Handcrafted in small batches, these frostings are creamy, rich, and easily spreadable.

Charmed Chocolate (Sofi Finalist)
Velvety Vanilla
Striking Strawberry
Crowned Caramel

Also available in 25-pound containers for commercial bakeries or restaurants.

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