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Just dip it!
Vol. 10 No. 8

Take cheese dip up a notch with Spicy Pickled Cabbage from Genuine Grub. Serve this baked dip, above, with slices of crusty bread and a green salad, and you have a game-watching meal. Spicy Pickled Cabbage & Cheese Dip.

Salute Santé! 's Grapeseed Oils are a healthy ingredient in Artichoke Dip, above, and in Fava Bean Dip.

La Tourangelle Artisan Oils's Roasted Almond Oil is used to make Chickpea and Almond Hummus.

Pacific Ocean White Anchovies from Wild Planet, combined with Kalamata olives, make a delicious and nutritious dip: Anchovy & Kalamata Olive Dip, above. It's especially good with the creamy taste of boiled fingerling potatoes.

With Mooney Farms sun-dried tomato products, making a tasty dip is a snap: Quick Sun-Dried Tomato Dip, above.

Cowboy BBQ's Sweet and Spicy Jalapeño Relish is an important ingredient in this easy-to-make Smoked Salmon Dip, above.

Tantalizing Tzatziki, above, looks and tastes so refreshing. Made with a couple of the saltless herb blends from Engage Organics.

A pickle lover's dream: Dill Pickle Dip, above, made with Wild West Dills, one of the pickles from Sonoma Brinery

Everyone loves onion dip, and with the addition of hot sauce from Sartain's Menu, it becomes much more interesting: Spicy Onion Dip, above.

Mendocino Mustard is a "dip" all on its own. If you want to change it up a little, try Mendocino Mustard Dip. It's good with sausages, below, and pretzels.

Salsa is another natural "dip," and Leah Aguayo's -- otherwise known as Mrs. A's Salsa Buena -- is the real deal, below. Medium and hot.

The heritage Pinquito Beans from Susie Q's Artisan Foods pureed in a food processor make a nutritious Fat-Free Bean Dip, below. It's wonderful just as it comes from the processor, or add green chilies, onions or cheese. Also good in tacos or burritos!

Hey Boo's award-winning Coconut Jams taste great on everything: cheese, fruit, toast, and as a dip for pretzel chips, below.

Really superb olive oil is the quintessential dip. Use McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo for an Italian Crudite Platter, below.

Chipotle and lime are a classic pairing, but using chipotle chills in adobo, lime juice and Wallaby Organics sour cream makes an unusual Chipotle Lime Dip, below.

The roots of Living Upland Cress from Pete's Living Greens are still attached when you purchase it, so it stays fresher longer. Combine with avocado and Asian flavors to make ‘Cress and ‘Cado Dip, below.

Pollen Ranch All-Natural Dill Pollen gives the delightful dill flavor to Dill Dip with a Kick, below. The "kick" from the hot sauce is optional.

Earl's Gone Wild's Jalapeño Jam and Habanero Jam are great for dipping -- shish kabobs, egg rolls, pot stickers, calamari, sausage and grilled chicken wings, above.

Nothing could be easier than this delicious dip recipe from Zena's SASS. For a beautiful party display, above, surround bowls of Easy Veggie Dip with a variety of raw vegetables.

Olives are featured in so many dips, so use the best. California Coast Naturals olives are from certified organic farmers, hand-picked and naturally cured. Use their Homestyle Garlic Olives to make Olive-Garlic Dip with Hazelnuts, above.

Endive is the perfect "delivery system" for dips, and it's low-cal, too, at only 1 calorie per spear. Try these dips recipes from California Endive Farms, above.

Clockwise from top left:
Romesco Dip
Raspberry-Yogurt Dip
Carrot-Orange Dip
Cucumber-Yogurt Dip

B & R Farms' Dried Apricot Chutney is made with dried Blenheim apricots grown on their ranch, so the apricot flavor is intense. Apricot Fruit Dip, above, is delicious with fresh summer fruit.

Save a little bit of your morning cup of full-flavored Jeremiah's Pick Coffee to make an unusual dip that brings both adult and child-like pleasures together: Iced Coffee Dip, above, served with biscotti, graham crackers or (animal) cookies!

One method for enjoying the fudges sauces from Fudge is my Life is to spoon them right from the jar. Another option is to warm them just a little bit and dip fruit into them, above.

A wonderful dip for fruit is Lime, Agave Nectar & Yogurt Fruit Dip, using agave syrup from 21 Missions Organics and lime zest in a yogurt base.

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