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Getting out from "under the weather"
Vol. 11 No. 2

Turkey soup is especially tasty and nutritious with the addition of wild rice from Fall River Wild Rice. Mushrooms, carrots and corn, plus diced pancetta add to the complex flavors in Turkey and Wild Rice Soup, above.

Genuine Grub's new Turmeric Pickles are a zesty and pretty topping for Coconut Sweet Potato Soup with Turmeric Pickled Radish, above, a recipe developed by Trudy Shafer. Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

The delicious broths from Nona Lim take all the work out of making soup. Add in her Ramen Noodles and veggies, and bingo! Tokyo Ramen and Vegetables in Spicy Szechuan Broth, above.

If you're looking for the perfect accompaniment to your soup, the best thing is a crunchy, chewy little Brazilian-style cheese bread from P*DE*Q, above.

Rue & Forsman grows a number of varieties of rice in California's fertile Central Valley, including organic white and brown rice, jasmine rice, and short-grain sushi rice. Chicken Rice Soup with Vegetables is made with their long-grain brown rice.

The Sweet Ginger-Basil Pepper Sauce from Arawak Farm is what gives Spicy Wonton Soup its kick and its extraordinary flavor.

Faith Gorsky created a recipe for Valley Fig Growers, which uses the North African chili pepper paste called "harissa" for color and flavor: Harissa-Spiced Golden Fig, and Chicken Soup, above.

Be sure to have plenty of good crusty bread on hand to sop up the pan juices in this recipe for Mussels Steamed in Beer and Mustard, above, made with Mendocino Mustard.

Ale and Sartain's Menu The Sauce in these fall-off-the-bone Beef Short Ribs, above, will warm you up.

Getting out from

In spite of the record-breaking warm weather in California right now, winter isn't over yet.

Whether you're cold, or you have a cold, or you're just tired of cold weather, here are some ideas to cheer you up and make you feel better.

The Chai Blend All-Natural Tea Powder made by 10th Avenue Tea combines black tea, matcha, and chai spices. It will take your warm oatmeal up a notch in taste and nutrition: Chai Oatmeal, above.

‘Cress Powerhouse Smoothie, above, will indeed help you power through whatever's going on. Made with 288 Not Found Living Upland Cress.

A trip to Pt. Reyes Station or Petaluma is only complete with a visit to Bovine Bakery. Besides sweet and savory pastries to eat all day, any morning is better with their Hot Fresh Morning Buns, above.

Sonomic Gold showcases the flavor and intensity of the muscat grape. The golden color and lively taste of Sonomic Gold Spritzer, above, with a squeeze of fresh lime may make tissues unnecessary.

The California Dried Plum Board has developed some tasty recipes, including Sautéed Kale with Dried Plums and Coconut, above, using organic dried plums (otherwise known as prunes) from Taylor Brothers Farms.

Humble potatoes and onions become a company-worthy dish with the addition of either Almond Sesame Sauce or Peanut Sesame Sauce from Zena's SASS: Russet Potatoes and Sweet Onions Roasted with SASS!, above.

Jill at Sonoma Brinery suggests that, after a long hike in the rain (or snow), Mashed Potatoes with Sonoma Brinery Smokey Chipotle Sauerkraut and Sausage, above, is just the ticket.

Engage Organics Seasoning Blends are plant-based healthy flavor-alternatives to salt and sugar. Guilt-Free French Fries, above, pack a lot of flavor without needing any salt.

Duck Confit Parmentier, above, is a classic dish from the Gascon region of France. Make it with the Duck Confit from Fabrique Délices and serve with salad and a glass of Bordeaux--voilá.

This recipe for Rigatoni with Artichokes and Pancetta, above, is from “The Olive Harvest Cookbook” by Gerald Gass and is made with extra virgin olive oil from McEvoy Ranch.

You can certainly use Pacific Pickle Works' Bloody Mary Elixir to make a Bloody Mary, and you can follow that up with another way to use it in Bloody Tangy 3-Bean Chili, above.

Pete's Living Greens' vitamin-loaded Live Gourmet Living Upland Cress is the key ingredient in ‘Cressto Pesto Sauce, above.

The new Corn Salsa from Cowboy BBQ makes this recipe easy and packed with flavor: Corn Salsa Chili, above. Serve with cornbread for a complete meal.

Just Jan's jams and spreads have all sorts of uses besides spreading them on your toast, including Mulled Wine, above, made with their Pomegranate Spread and their Tangerine Marmalade.

Biscotti and Bourbon, above. What a great combination with Dark Chocolate Espresso Midnight Brownie Soft-Baked Biscotti from Marlo's Bakeshop.

The aroma of this Apple Crisp, above, will make you feel good, even before you take a bite. Made with Caramel Agave Syrup from 21 Missions Organics.

Boncora Biscotti has partnered with Can Can Almond Milk to offer their delightfully crunchy biscotti paired with freshly made almond milk in a fresh take on Milk and Cookies, above. Delivered together in San Francisco. Outside SF, Boncora Biscotti is shipped with a DIY almond milk kit. All you need to decide is to dip or not to dip.

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