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Natural & Organic, Expo West
Vol. 11 No. 3

More natural and organic...

Many Savor California companies which make natural, organic, non-GMO, and sustainable gourmet foods will be exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West.

Rather than using cultures for their probiotic condiments, Cultured & Saucy creates an environment for spontaneous fermentation, so each ingredient tastes more vibrant. Available for food service. Expo West booth #9400.

Fall River Wild Rice products include: 100% Natural Wild Rice, Quick Cook, and Fully Cooked Wild Rice (above), Pancake Mixes, Wild Rice Chips, and bulk Wild Rice. Expo West booth #5766.

For over 75 years, Giusto's Specialty Foods has been making exceptional organic flours, above, as well as an entire selection of baking aids, for both the professional and home baker. Expo West booth #2425.

Grown hydroponically, Pete's Living Greens' lettuce, above, is sold with the roots attached, so it's the freshest available. Grower Pete’s Organic Living Lettuce & Watercress, Expo West booth #5850.

New from La Tourangelle Artisan Oils: antioxidant-rich, organic NutirBlend with Omega 3 and Vitamin E, above. This synergistic blend is created with the powerful Amazonian sacha inchi seed. Nutty and earthy in flavor. Expo West booth #5619.

Maisie Jans's practices earth-friendly farming that starts on their family owned and operated orchards. They use organic farming practices and continue in the process by using all natural ingredients with no preservatives or GMO’s for their extensive line of nut products. Booth #2989.

New from Nona Lim: To-Go Soup and Broth Cups, along with their new line of Ramen Noodles, above. These join their selection of soups and entrees, broths, and rice noodles. Expo West booth #5836.

Taylor Brothers Farms is the world’s largest organic prune grower and processor. Their succulent Pitted Prunes can be eaten right out of the stay-fresh tin or used in everything from beverages to appetizers, dinner to dessert. Other Taylor Brothers prune products include: Diced Prunes, Prune Extract, and Prune Concentrate. Expo West booth #5359.

Valley Fig Growers produce a full line of Mission and Golden fig products, as well as four Fig Spreads. Made with sweet, intensely flavored California figs, the spread flavors are: Fig Orange, Organic Mission, Balsamic Pepper, Fig & Port. Expo West booth #4475.

Wallaby Organic produces a full line of Organic Greek and Blended Yogurts, Sour Cream, and Lowfat and Whole Milk Kefir. The Raspberry Organic Kefir, above, is perfect in smoothies or on its own. Expo West booth #3120.

The motivation for Wild Planet's sustainable fishing practices is their commitment to preserving ocean habitat. The result is top quality wild-caught seafood, packed with nutrients. Tuna, above. Expo West booth #2775.

The all-natural, award-winning cookies, above, made by Alice's Stick Cookies have no eggs, nuts, hydrogenated oils or preservatives. Vanilla, Lemon, Orange-Chocolate, and Ginger Cinnamon.

Bars, above, and Bites from D'Vine Crush take their flavor profiles from wine varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Port, and Cuveé.

Eleven plant-based, salt-free, organic seasonings from Engage Organics, above, add flavor and health benefits. Available for the home cook and also in 32-ounce jars for food service.

Organic herbs grown on the estate are carefully blended with organic sea salt by GC Napa Valley Culinary. And their Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is used to create the Sea Salt above.

The lines of coffees available from Jeremiah's Pick Coffee include: Organic, above, Premium, Single Origin, and Decaffeinated. Also a dry rub made with Jeremiah's Pick Chocatal Coffee.

Judy's Breadsticks' all-natural Lovesticks, Twigs, Country Crackers, and Seedy Garlicky Toasted Bites, above, are made with organic whole wheat.

Starting with their extraordinary Kadota Fig Fruit Spread, above, Just Jan's has grown to a full line of fruit spreads, savory spreads, curd and marmalade.

Award-winning Laiki Rice Crackers, above, are made with red and black rice which contain more phytonutrients, antioxidants and flavor than white or brown rice.

Mrs. A's Salsa Buena, above, is all-natural, blended salsa loaded with cilantro and just the right amount of heat. No additives, preservatives, added salt or artificial ingredients.

Stella Cadente Olive Oil is the premier source for oils from Mendocino County’s unmatched Tuscan-style olives: farmed without pesticides, hand picked, and pressed within hours of picking. Traditional stone-wheel crushing and modern milling produce award-winning olive oils, above.

Made from Northern California and Central Coast wine grapes, all-natural Vignette Wine Country Soda, above, has floral notes of the grapes, but no tannins or alcohol. No preservatives, coloring or added sugars.

Savor California Booth #8604 Natural Products Expo West, March 11-13

Savor California's booth #8604 at Expo West will showcase extraordinary products from the following 10 companies. Anaheim Convention Center.

Keep It Real Food Co.
Low-glycemic, grain-free snacks and treats containing only naturally healthy ingredients, above: No Grain Granola, Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, Flourless Cocoa Nib Cookies, Seedy Crackers, Mighty Meal cereal, Seed & Nut Bars.

Marlo's Bakeshop
All these "soft-baked" biscotti, above, are made with non-GMO ingredients: Original (dark chocolate-covered raisins, toasted walnuts and dark chocolate chips, dusted lightly with cinnamon and sugar), Midnight (cocoa, dark chocolate chips and espresso), Gluten-free and Dairy-free Banana (banana, caramel-y maple, and toasted walnuts).

Each OneBar, above, contains a full serving of fruit with no artificial sweeteners or colors. The bars are enriched with raw baobab powder, a “superfruit” with high concentrations of Vitamin C, Calcium, and Magnesium and a subtle, mildly vanilla-citrus flavor. Cherry, Apple, Mango, naturally true to the fruit taste.

Made with tapioca flour, these little cheese breads are naturally gluten-free. Pre-baked in boxes and pouches for retail. Delivered frozen and baked at the point of sale by wholesale customers. Original, Chocolate, and Jalapeño, above. P*DE*Q also makes gluten-free "Sweet Gems," mini pies with a pillowy crust and California fruit filling: Peach, Apple, and Triple Berry.

Silk Road Soda
"Mediterranean Refreshers," that are low calorie, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. A delicate balance of sweet and savory, with a unique component: a subtle, bracing vinegar note. Cucumber with Mint, Pomegranate with Mint, Ginger with Mint, and Pear with Mint.

Sonoma Brinery
All-natural, fresh gourmet pickles and sauerkrauts. No artificial food preservatives, colorings or flavorings. Fresh Pickles: Whole Koshers, Bread & Butter, Spicy Bread & Butter, Wild West Dills. Probiotic Raw Sauerkrauts: Traditional, Smokey Chipotle, Dill & Garlic. Probiotic Raw Slaws: Curtido and Jalapeño Escabeche.

Sonoma Syrup Co.
Award-winning American Artisan Infused Simple Syrups, American Artisan Bar Mixers, and American Artisan Extract Blends. Syrups are hand crafted in small batch steam kettles with pure cane sugar and natural, fresh ingredients, capturing the flavors of the Sonoma County Wine Country.

The Frosting Queens
All-natural, gluten-free frostings made with 100% real butter. Sold in pouches and ready-to-spread. Buttercream Frostings: Charmed Chocolate, Velvety Vanilla, Crowned Caramel, and Striking Strawberry. New Buttercream Frosting Mixes: Royal Shortbread, Queenfetti Buttercream, Prince's Poppin' Bubblegum, and Queen of Tart Lemon.

Urban Foods
Farmers turned specialty food entrepreneurs make Superfood Bites, using simple, clean, superfood fruits, grains, and seeds. These Bites are allergen-free, gluten-free, and taste great. The first three flavors of Superfood Bites are: Cranberry-Orange, Black Currant-Lemon, and Tart Cherry-Apple.

Yamba Hummus
Premium ingredients, no preservatives, and traditional methods make this truly authentic hummus, above. Made with over 60% chickpeas, it is higher in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. This hummus is also gluten-free and non-GMO certified. Flavors: Classic, Lemon-Garlic, Spicy Harissa, Sriracha.

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