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NY Fancy Food Show, Savor California Booth #774
Vol. 11 No. 6


Come visit the following extraordinary companies in Booth #774 !

NEW to show: 10th Avenue Tea
Instant Tea Powders are matcha tea blends in re-useable, recyclable metal shaker bottles. Delicious, 100% natural, earth-friendly, versatile, and convenient.

NEW to show: Arawak Farm
Dry rubs/spice blends and pepper sauces inspired by the rich heritage of the Arawak culture of Jamaica. Preservative-free, low-sugar, vegan, low sodium and gluten-free.

NEW to show: Endorfin Foods
Organic chocolates, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, agave free, GMO free, with no refined sugar. Dark Mylk Chocolate creates the smooth mouthfeel of milk chocolate with less sugar.

NEW products: Hey Boo
Coconut Caramels have been added to the Hey Boo line of award-winning Coconut Jams. The four flavors of caramels are: Thai Iced Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, Sea Salt, and Ginger Rum.

NEW products: Holly Baking
SOFI Winner, Cookies: Cinnamon & Spice Cookie Brittle
Two new flavors have been added to Holly Baking's line of Cookie Brittles: Cinnamon & Spice and Double Chocolate.

NEW to show: Just Jan's
SOFI Finalist, New Product: Original Tangerine Sriracha

A full line of artisanal, all natural fruit spreads, savory spreads, sauces and condiments, including holiday relish.

NEW to show: Laiki Rice Crackers
Award-winning rice crackers made with 100% wholegrain red and black rice, oil, salt and nothing else. Red and black rice contain more phytonutrients, antioxidants and flavor than white or brown rice.

NEW to show: Little Rd Dot Kitchen
SOFI Winner, Savory Snack: Hickory Smoked Spicy Candied Bacon Bak Kwa

A Singapore-style street snack, seasoned with SE Asian spices. Premium sustainably-raised meats, marinated and grilled for a caramelized roast meat snack. Preservative- and gluten-free.

NEW to show: Marlo's Bakeshop
Soft-baked biscotti in unique flavors. Handcrafted from Non-GMO, premium ingredients. Gluten & dairy-free options. Available in single servings with display.

NEW products: Nona Lim
Heat-and-serve soup cups, refrigerated soups, entrees, fresh broths, rice noodles, and ramen noodles. Pure, fresh ingredients, no preservatives. Simple, delicious, clean, and convenient.

NEW to show: Pacific Pickle Works
SOFI Winner, Appetizer: Brussizzle Sprouts

All-natural, hand-packed pickled vegetables, using produce grown in California. Also, Bloody Mary Elixir, the first in a line of cocktail mixers.

NEW to show: San Francisco Cheesequake
All-natural, creamy and moist, with a luxurious crust, made with premium ingredients. Innovative, sophisticated flavors, including ones made with spirits and wine. Also, graham cracker crumbs.

NEW to show: Sonoma Brinery
Crispy and crunchy with a balanced flavor, hand-crafted, artisan fresh refrigerated pickles and raw sauerkrauts and slaw. Probiotic and non-GMO.

The following companies are part of the Savor California group and are also exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show:

Cypress Grove
Booth #566

An award-winning line of soft-ripened, fresh chèvre, and aged goat cheeses, made in a Model Dairy on California's North Coast.

Fabrique Délices
Booth #1666

Charcuterie in the French tradition. Besides an extraordinary line of pâtés mousse, and sausages, Fabrique Délices sells specialties such as Duck Confit, Rillettes, Prosciutto, and Magret; Cornichons; Black and White Butters; Macarons.

Giusto's Specialty Foods
Booth #4633

For over 75 years, Giusto’s Specialty Foods has been making the highest quality and most consistent Natural & Organic Flours, Cracked Grains, and Blends.

La Tourangelle Artisan Oils Booth #4156

Dedicated to making carefully crafted, sustainable, natural artisan oil products using traditional methods. Creating a wide range of products, including single nut and seed oils, Asian-inspired cooking oil blends, spray bottles.

Salute Santé!
Booth #5113

Award-winning extra virgin cold-pressed grapeseed oils from Napa Valley. Infused grapeseed oils. Ten wine-grape varietal grapeseed finishing oils.

The Perfect Bite Co.
Booth #3908

Appetizers that are individually hand made, cooked from scratch, and placed on oven safe trays. Catering quality flavor. Attention to detail that makes each appetizer uniquely different in appearance and taste.

Valley Fig Growers
Booth #2254

The best California figs are selected for Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid Figs. Available as: whole figs, diced, pasted, concentrate, and vinegar. The newest product is four Fig Spreads.

Wild Planet
Booth #1257

Top-quality seafood with fresh-from-the-sea flavor. Each product is carefully researched to provide the finest tasting, sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems. Includes Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, and White Anchovies.


This year was the most competitive contest in Sofi Awards history, with a record 849 members submitting 3,200 entries across 28 categories.

Of the 28 Sofi Winners, 3 will be in the Savor California Booth #774. Plus Sofi Winners from previous years.

Six of the Sofi Finalists are members of the Savor California group, and one of them will be in the Savor California Booth #774.

The following Savor California companies in Booth #774 are Gold Sofi Winners!

APPETIZER: Brussizzle Sprouts
Pacific Pickle Works

A blend of semi-sweet and tangy pickled Brussels sprouts. All products are handpacked and all-natural without artificial preservatives or colors.

COOKIES, BROWNIES, CAKES or PIE: Cinnamon & Spice Cookie Brittle
Holly Baking

A crispy, crunchy, buttery cookie made with natural ingredients. The shape and texture of Cookie Brittle Sticks is unique.

SAVORY SNACK: Hickory Smoked Spicy Candied Bacon
Little Red Dot Kitchen

Delectably smoky, salty, sweet and spicy, BakKwa is a Singapore-inspired street snack crafted in small batches then roasted to give it a smoky-char.

The following Savor California companies are Finalists in the Sofi Award competition!

NEW PRODUCT: Original Tangerine Sriracha
Just Jan's
Sriracha with the tangy sweetness of tangerine, the brightness of vinegar, the savory flavor of garlic, the heat of red chiles and a hint of coriander.
Savor California Booth #774.

APPETIZER: Everything Dogs in a Blanket
The Perfect Bite Co.

Uncured all beef dog wrapped in all-butter puff pastry and rolled in ‘everything seasoning’.

BAKING INGREDIENT or FLAVOR ENHANCER: Virgin Hazelnut Oil - Special Reserve
La Tourangelle Artisan Oils

The amber oil of the nuts is crushed at low temperature in a century-old French press, which retains all the flavors that nature provides. Great for bakery and chocolate.

CHEESE: Bermuda Triangle
Cypress Grove

Created with chefs in mind, the distinctive triangular shape and layer of edible black ash offers unique portion and presentation options. Tart and tangy with intense pepper notes.

COOKIES, BROWNIES, CAKES or PIE: Laceys Espresso and Dark Chocolate Cookies
Desserts on Us

Rich dark chocolate sandwiched between two crisp espresso-kissed toffee wafer cookies. Other flavors: Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Macadamia.

SWEET SNACK: Tart Cherry Apple Superfood Bites
Urban Foods

In unique and eye catching bags, these healthy, great-tasting, bite-size snacks are made using superfood ingredients with nothing artificial added.

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