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Happy Holidays, everyone!
Vol. 11 No. 12

GC Napa Valley Culinary estate-harvested Lavender-Infused Honey tops dried figs stuffed with goat cheese. A pomegranate seed adds a cherry holiday touch: Figs with Roasted Goat Cheese and Lavender Honey Drizzle, above.

New from Valley Lahvosh -- Christmas Tree Lahvosh Crackers! Shown above topped with cream cheese, pesto and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Better have extras on hand.

Bright red, spicy sweet Peppadew Peppers Stufffed with Sardines and Tuna, above, are an easy and festive recipe from Wild Planet.

A hit with critics and audiences alike: The Perfect Bite's Everything Dog in a Blanket, above. Uncured beef hot dogs in puff pastry, topped with a blend of poppy, sesame, and caraway seeds.

One of the delicious holiday traditions among the French -- and French Americans -- is to enjoy Duck Foie Gras, above, from Fabrique Délices. With champagne, of course!

Perfect for your own entertaining, as well as a gift for a discerning hosts or hostess: an Elegant Brie, topped with a pastry Christmas tree, above, Dove, or other motif. You choose the filling that will top the brie, from their savory and sweet options, and you choose the design to top the pastry.

The name P*DE*Q stands for pão de queijo (Portuguese for “cheese bread”). A favorite snack in Brazil, these morsels are made with tapioca flour, so are naturally gluten-free. So incredibly versatile, they can be enjoyed on their own or with any number of toppings. For a special holiday party, top the original flavor with smoked salmon, as shown above.

No Grinch is gonna steal your Christmas! Celebrate with the Grinchy Mary Cocktail, made with Pacific Pickle Works' Bloody Mary Elixir. Stir with Pacific Pickle Works' Carriots of Fire and Jalabeaños.

Everyone needs a high-protein snack to go with all those holiday libations. Spicy Roast Nuts, above, are made with Pollen Ranch Big Devil Seasoning.

Cream of Winter Squash Soup, above, which is made with Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil, will warm everyone up and make it a tad easier to wait for the main course.

Spice up your holiday dinner bread options with Cowboy BBQ's Jalapeño Relish Cornbread, and be sure to have another jar or two to serve with the turkey.

Non-GMO Certified Pete's Living Greens Living Butter Lettuce is super fresh, because it is sold with the roots attached. With raspberry vinaigrette, it makes a refreshing salad for a rich holiday meal: Three-Lettuce Salad, above.

Jazz up the relish to go with your holiday meats by making this recipe from C. J. Olson Cherries, above, for Dried Tart Cherry Relish.

"When the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful"'s time to treat yourself to a Cinnamon Caramella Cappuccino made with Sonoma Syrup Co.'s Cinnamon Simple Syrup and Caramel Simple Syrup.

Change it up for one of your holiday meals and make this lovely and yummy recipe from 21 Missions Organics for Pork Tenderloin in Orange Caramel Agave Sauce, above.

Dried Blenheim Apricots from B & R Farms are the secret ingredient in this sweet-savory-spicy Apricot-Sausage-Pumpkin Cornbread Stuffing, above.

Ground turkey and pork sausage are the basis for these easy meatballs, above. The recipe for Turkey & Sausage Meatballs with Cranberry Glaze, above, is from Just Jan's and uses her Cranberry-Raspberry Relish to make the glaze.

Fixing pork roast or a ham for the holidays? Here’s a recipe that’s a delicious accompaniment: Sauerkraut Mashed Potatoes with Bacon, above, using Raw Sauerkraut from Sonoma Brinery.

Cornish game hens make an attractive presentation. the fruitiness of this stuffing is balanced with the nuttiness of the Fall River Wild Rice: Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffed Cornish Game Hens, above.

It's traditional for Mexican families to have tamales, above, during the holidays, and everyone can enjoy them. Using Mrs. A's Salsa Buena's new Rojo Loco red chili sauce for your tamales will mean yours will be the best anyone's ever had, north or south of the border.

Use Brown Dog Mustard to dress up a croissant sandwich the day after Christmas, when you don't want to cook: Turkey Salad Sandwich with Tarragon Mustard Mayonnaise, above.

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