Gouda Pickled Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sourdough sandwich breat
White sharp cheddar cheese
Gouda cheese
Pacific Pickle Works' Brussizzle Sprouts
Pacific Pickle Works' Asparagusto


Take a few pieces each of the Pacific Pickle Works' Brussizzle Sprouts and Asparagusto. Chop up the pickled veggies into small pieces and set aside.

Grate equal amounts of the sharp cheddar and gouda and set aside as well.

Butter one side of each piece of the sourdough sandwich bread. On an evenly heated griddle (or large frying pan) set to medium heat, place the pieces of bread butter side down.

Sprinkle the grated cheese on half of the pieces of bread. This will be your bottom half. Let these cook for a little while so that the cheese becomes soft.

After a little while, sprinkle a moderate amount of chopped up bits of pickled veggie pieces over the softened grated cheese. Leave enough space so that you can still see plenty of cheese.

Take the other piece of bread which should be lightly toasted by now, turn it over, and place on top of the sandwich (toasted side up).

Let the sandwich continue to cook until the bottom is golden brown, then flip the entire sandwich over to heat the other side until also golden brown.

When the sandwich is perfectly toasted on both sides, set aside and let sit for just a minute so that it doesn't burn your mouth when you eat it.

Cut the sandwich in half to expose the gooey and delicious center (those are the best bites!) and serve with a garnish of spears of Asparagusto and wedges of Brussizzle Sprouts. Enjoy while still warm.

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