B.toffee Popcorn Balls

1 bagKettle corn kernels
.4 cupUnsalted butter, melted
1 bag Marshmallows
½ cupBrown sugar
Cooking spray
1 cupB.toffee B.bits
Reese's Pieces, optional


Pop the kettle corn in the microwave, according to package directions.

Mix the melted butter and marshmallow together until well combined.

Transfer the popcorn into a mixing bowl and pour the marshmallow mixture over the popcorn.

Sprinkle the sugar and the B. bits on top.

Cover your hand with cooking spray. Gently toss everything together until everything is coated.

Shape into 2- to 3-inch balls and allow to cool.

Decorate them with additional B. bits for a more crunchy texture and Reese's pieces for Halloween.

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