Wakame & Wild Tuna Spread

This Asian-inspired spread uses dried wakame (seaweed) and toasted sesame seeds to create a special spread with rich umami flavor. Great on its own as an appetizer atop crackers or a dip for veggies, this spread transitions well into a base ingredient for pasta, bagel schmear, Asian noodles and pizza. Recipe and photo by Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, The Posh Pescatarian.

½ cupPescaore Tuna Tidbits, Smokey Poké orIsland Teriyaki
5 ouncesGoat cheese
8 ouncesCream cheese, softened
1 tablespoonSesame oil
½ Lemon, juice and zest
3 tablespoons, plus more for garnishSliced chives
3 tablespoons, plus some for garnishMuso furiake seasoning *


Add the tuna tidbits to the bowl of a food processor and pulse two to three times, until the tidbits are flakey, careful not to over pulse. The tuna should have texture. Set aside.

To a large bowl add the goat cheese, cream cheese, sesame oil, lemon juice and chives. Fold the ingredients together using a silicon spatula or similar tool.

Once the ingredients are incorporated fold in the tuna flakes and the furiake seasoning.

Use this immediately and store remaining in refrigerator.

Yields 2 cups.

* Note:
If you can’t find a commercially made seasoning mix 2 parts green nori flakes with 1 part each of toasted black and white sesame seeds.

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