Figgy Lollipops

Different chocolates and different decorations can make this a treat for any occasion.

12 largeValley Fig Growers Dried Figs
¾ cup (about 4 ounces)Semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate morsels
124-inch bamboo skewers
2Oranges or grapefruits
Decorations, see below


With scissors or sharp knife, cut off fig stems and discard. Press down on the top of each fig with palm of hand, to make a round shape.

Insert a skewer in each fig where the stem was removed, to look like a lollipop. Place oranges in small bowls to hold lollipops while chocolate cools.

Microwave morsels in microwave-safe bowl on medium (50%) power for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until melted and smooth.

Dip the tops of the skewered figs partially into melted chocolate. Sprinkle each with decoration.

Poke skewers in oranges. Chill until set. Makes 12 fig lollipops.

Ideas for decorations:
Sea salt or kosher salt
Colored sugar sprinkles
Toasted nuts, finely chopped

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