Apricot Liqueur

1 poundB & R Farms Dried Apricots
1 quart Vodka
1 cupSugar


In a large container, combine all ingredients, and cover loosely.

Let stand for 7 weeks, stirring once every 2 weeks.

Serve as after-dinner liqueur. Also ideal for gifts!

Ideas for using the liquor-infused fruit:
Fold into vanilla pudding, bread pudding, rice pudding, fruit cakes and fruit balls for added flavor.
Decorate holiday cookies and cakes. (Drain well.)
Make a distinctive hors d’oeuvre by stuffing these apricots with cream cheese and securing with a toothpick.
Make a tipsy-apricot candy by dipping in melted dark or milk chocolate. Present in a decorative tin and give as a gift.

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