Warm Prawn and Kale Salad

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5 - 6, per personPrawns
Large bunchKale
1Sweet red onion
Sesame oil
1 eachSweet red and yellow pepper
Zena’s Sassy Almond-Sesame Sauce
Sliced almonds, raw or toasted


Devein the shrimp and split nearly all the way through to the inside curve so they will ‘butterfly’ when cooked. Rinse and pat dry.

Cut the onion into thin wedges. In a heavy pan, heat enough sesame oil to just coat the bottom. Add the onions.

As the onions heat, wash, dry and thinly slice a large bunch of kale, and cut small, long triangles of brightly-colored sweet peppers, to measure about the same amount as the onion.

When the onion is becoming transparent, add the kale, and toss until the kale just begins to warm. Add the sweet peppers. Then drizzle Zena’s Sassy Almond-Sesame Sauce around the edge and quickly toss until just hot.

Transfer to a heated serving platter or individual plates, coaxing the sauce from the pan onto the kale. Sprinkle on a few sliced almonds.

Rinse the pan, return to the heat until dry, and add a little sesame oil. When hot, place each prawn in the pan, allowing space for them to "butterfly." When the flesh on the pan-side loses its transparency and begins to brown on the edges, turn each one to cook on the other side to the same point. When nearly finished, drizzle a little Zena’s Sassy Almond-Sesame Sauce over them and toss the prawns to just coat. Remove the pan from the heat.

Immediately arrange around, or on, the warm kale. Once again, use the sauce from the pan as a topping. Add more SASS at the table as desired.

This is an easily prepared, wonderfully flavorful and healthful meal! So beautiful served on white…

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