Zombie Hand Meatloaf

Recipe courtesy of The Hungry Goddess.

1 poundMeatloaf mix (ground beef, ground veal, ground pork)
¼ cupFinely minced onion
½Small white onion
2 clovesGarlic, minced
1 tablespoonPollen Ranch Hog Heaven Fennel Pollen Spice (or other Pollen Ranch spice blend)
1 tablespoonMayonnaise
1 tablespoonWorcestershire Sauce
¼ cupChopped parsley
1Egg, slightly beaten to combine white and yolk
½ cupBread crumbs
¼ cupParmesan cheeese
¼ -  ½ cupMarinara sauce or ketchup
2 - 3 Mozzarella slices
1 teaspoonSalt


Mix ground meat mixture, grated onion, garlic, Hog Heaven Spice, mayonnaise, Worcestershire Sauce, parsley, egg, bread crumbs and cheese.

Form mixture into a hand shape. Place end of onion into the end of the meatloaf to look like bone. Use remaining onion into ovals for fingernails and place on the ends of fingers of hand meatloaf.

Cover meat with marinara sauce or ketchup. Cover with mozzarella slices except for the fingernails.

Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 - 45 minutes or until cheese is browned but not burned.

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