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Sartain's Menu is a 4 time Scovie Award winner in The National Spicy Food Competition. The Scovies are named after the scoville unit that is the unit of measure of heat in peppers.

The Marinade won the Golden Chile in the marinade competition in the 2004 competition, while The Sauce won for both "Dipping Sauce" and "Meat Sauce" for 2004 and "Meat Sauce" in 1999.

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  Sartain's Menu

For over 20 years, Jim Sartain and his partner, Rebecca Lee, made The Sauce for their business, Sartainís Menu, its spicy sweet flavor attracting all kinds of hungry customers and eager restaurants. The Sauce is a unique blend of spices and sauces; its bold Cajun roots blending with the original inspiration of a chipotle paste from Mexico, to which Jim ďadded this and that.Ē

The deliciously tangy flavor is perfect with meats, fresh hot plates and even crackers with cream cheese, The Sauce is less a dip and more of a honeyed-spice that makes dishes into a party delicacy.

Soon Sartainís added a new savory Marinade to its menu, helping customers mix the same vigor and kick of The Sauce into their own poultry and meat cuts at home.

After so many years of running the business, Jim decided that rather than letting his namesake die out when he retired, he would donate the business to his daughterís old school: Casa Grande High School in Petaluma, California. And so, in 2012, after a series of agreements and legalities, Sartainís Menu was officially passed on to Casa Grande, to be taken on and run by the new Entrepreneurship students.

The class teacher, Chuck Wade, helped the students learn about how to run an active business by including them in many of Sartainís operations, and even assisted each of them in creating their own unique small businesses. The company remained steady and successful as the students learned and helped it to develop by doing demos at local markets and selling to peers and parents. The money earned was used to help finance the class and the Marketing, Media, and Managing cluster of the school.

Now in 2014, the business continues to thrive with a new teacher, David Meirik, and new set of students, with a few second-year students helping as well. The product is as delectable as always, and many of the student-staff members purchase bottles to take home for themselves.

Sartainís Menu has undergone many changes, in both management and staffing, but the dedicated and positive spirit of the original business remains strong and alive in the hard-working students and teachers that now run it. Many things may have changed, but any customer can attest that the special fire and flavor of Sartainís has never, and will never, lessen.

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