California Coast Naturals organic products include:
Organic Olives
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Varieties of California Coast Naturals Organic Olives:
Pitted Homestyle Herb
Pitted Homestyle Garlic
Pitted Lemon
Pitted Hot Pepper
Pitted Green
Honey Balsamic
Sun-Dried Black
Whole Green
Lemon Citrus

California Coast Naturals Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% organic, cold-pressed, unfiltered and unrefined.

A tip about olives -- If a white residue appears on top of the olives, it is a process called oxidation involving a reaction between the vinegar and air and is not detrimental to your health.

Are olives fattening? “Our olives average 4 to 5 calories each and contain no cholesterol,” Chad Makela explains. “Olives also naturally contain vitamins B6, A, C, plus fiber, ash, protein and most of the essential minerals needed for a good daily diet.”

Also check out the Makelas' Oleavicin products, made from concentrated olive leaf extractions in a soothing gel, remedies for various skin issues.

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  California Coast Naturals

Although Chad Makela does like a good martini, that isn’t exactly why he got into the olive business. He’s actually carrying on a long family tradition. 

In 1848 Chad’s great-great-great-grandfather, Jules Goux, emigrated from France, started a vineyard and built the first winery and saloon in Santa Barbara. The dowry of Jules’ Mexican wife included olive tree cuttings. Their son, John Emile Goux, planted the first commercial olive grove in the United States in 1851. 

Chad’s parents, Craig and Cindy, also started out in the wine business, but they saw the growing interest in olive oil and went back to the family’s roots. In 1982 the ranch was only 7 acres, but everybody in the family pitched in with a willingness to do whatever job was at hand, from making marketing calls to driving the delivery truck.

Over the next 5 to 8 years, as the olive trees matured to harvestable stage, the family purchased more land. The next generation is following in a family tradition more than 150 years old. Chad Makela now harvests more than 5,000 olive trees on 100 acres on the beautiful Santa Barbara County coast.

"The olives that pass our inspection are carefully hand-picked and then sent through an eight to nine month natural curing process," explains Chad. “We don’t use any chemicals. Our organic olive products require only salt and vinegar, which naturally preserves them for a long shelf life."

"The olives for our organic oil are also hand-picked, then immediately sent to the press to prevent any natural refining. Our family is very particular about olives,” Chad says proudly. “When we select our olives, each one has to be perfect.”

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