All Organic Endorfin Chocolates are dairy free, soy free, gluten free, agave free, GMO free, and never contain refined sugar.

Endorfin doesn’t roast their cacao beans or use dairy milk, which delivers an antioxidant-rich style of chocolate. Additionally, Endorfin is committed to using minimally processed whole food ingredients, so these bars are sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar.

Dark Mylk Chocolate Bars --
Endorfin’s own award-winning creation, combining the rich boldness of dark chocolate with the smooth texture of milk chocolate. Some of the sugar in a standard dark chocolate recipe is replaced with their own special blend of coconut milk to create a bar with less sugar than most dark chocolate bars yet with the smooth mouthfeel of milk chocolate.

Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars --
80% dark, vegan chocolate bars which feature two simple ingredients: cacao & coconut sugar.

Ritual Drinking Chocolate --
100% organic unroasted cacao in solid chunks. Not highly processed and not sweetened.

Monthly Subscription Boxes A selection of new limited-edition flavors made exclusively for subscribers, as well as time-tested and award-winning favorites.

Gift Boxes and Tasting Sets Like all of Endorfin’s confectionary products, these are crafted with care and integrity in Oakland, CA, using ethically traded, unroasted heirloom cacao, coconut mylk and coconut sugar.

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  Endorfin Foods

Brian Wallace benefitted from a number of important lessons growing up in California’s Central Valley. “My family had an almond farm, and like every other farm kid, I started working pretty young, both on our farm and on a neighboring cattle ranch. I learned to ride horses, of course, and even to doctor animals.”

Another formative part of this agricultural environment was the Mexican culture of the workers. “I learned Spanish, ate a lot of Mexican food, and in general got to be immersed in a culture different from my own. Among many valuable lessons, this inspired the way I interact with food and connect with other cultures through food.”

Brian discovered that he loved to cook. “It was probably passed down from my folks and grandparents. Cooking was a celebratory family activity,” he remembers. “If I was bored, I’d go into the kitchen and make something.”

In college he was introduced to an even wider cultural food mix. “Living in an apartment and cooking for myself, I honed my ability to create dishes from what I had, taking the food up a notch. My friends loved to challenge me, ‘We have this, and this and this. What are you going to make?’ It wouldn’t be ordinary mac and cheese! Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. A willingness to try a new thing, even if it failed, has served me well. “

One day he decided to make something out of fresh, raw cacao nibs he had. “The recipe called for coconut oil, but the only fat I had was an avocado. So I made an avocado pudding with the chocolate. It was euphoric.”

Concurrently, Brian was studying botany, physiology, and healing modalities around the world. He was intrigued by the relationship of humanity with herbs, spices and food, learning about the broadly therapeutic value of food, from Grandma’s fresh peach cobbler, to a therapeutic diet for a certain physical issue.

“In college I was trying to figure out how to make a life and career for myself, continuing to explore and share what I was learning with others. The ‘light bulb’ moment for me was when I started digging into the cultural history of cacao. It had a ceremonial function for the Mayans and Aztecs, and they also used it as a beverage and as a medicinal adjunct to herbs. There are components of cacao that make certain herbs work better.”

“In the process of developing Endorfin as a company, I went to ‘chocolate school,’ much of it online, and I also studied in Costa Rica. For about two years I freelanced doing chocolate production and recipe development for other companies. When I was ready, I launched Endorfin as a subscription company, and shipped our first subscription box in 2013. We still do subscriptions, gifts, and wholesale business.”

“At Endorfin, we formulate each of our recipes from scratch using the highest quality cacao we can find, employing just the right amount of whole food sweeteners, spices, and essential oils to let the brilliance of the ingredients speak for themselves. We have chosen not to roast our cacao beans, which allows us to deliver the maximum range of flavor and antioxidants possible.”

“Our products unite our old school purist ethos with modern technology and craftsmanship.”

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