All natural Buttercream Frosting flavors:
Charmed Chocolate
Crowned Caramel
Velvety Vanilla
Striking Strawberry
Prince's Peppermint

One 1-pound pouch of frosting will frost 24 cupcakes, a 9 x 13 sheet cake, or the outside of a layer cake. They will last up to 4 months in your cupboard or 6 months in your refrigerator. Just bring them back to their creamy texture at room temperature before using them. (These frostings are always peanut free as well as gluten free.)

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Alternate use:
“I am sitting here at the dinner table with 6 friends. We are eating your frosting right out of the pouch, double dipping and all. I don’t think this frosting will ever see any kind of a cake.” L. Lyon, a fan of The Frosting Queens.

  The Frosting Queens

Angela and Annette Del Biaggio were lucky enough to grow up in Eureka, California in an Italian-American family. Their grandparents had a garden, and all their meals were made from scratch. They have fond memories of being in the kitchen watching their grandmother and mother cook.

“Creating recipes was a natural part of our life, and we loved to bake. In pictures of the many celebrations during our childhood, someone is always holding a homemade frosted cake.” Angela recalls. “Things like microwaves were totally unfamiliar to us. Annette used one at a friend’s house for the first time when she was in 8th grade!”

Annette’s specialty in the kitchen was frosting. “When she was only 10, we were already calling her ‘The Frosting Queen.’ She could put whatever ingredients happened to be handy into a bowl and make a delicious frosting.”

Not limited to frosting, Annette and the sisters’ mother have developed “probably over 200 recipes, appetizers to desserts.” The team was a finalist in the 2002 Pillsbury Bake-Off for their Spicy Picnic Chicken.

The sisters were thinking about going into the gourmet food business and began to research the products on the market. “We walked the Fancy Food Show in 2009 and tasted one company’s frosting. We knew Annette’s was better. She just has the touch.”

As they began to develop their recipes, Annette and Angela knew some things for certain. They wanted it to be ready-to-use, not a mix, and they wanted it to be all-natural, using real butter.

In January 2011 the sisters exhibited at the Fancy Food Show. An editor from Food and Wine magazine choose their frosting as a 2011 food trend, and The Frosting Queens were 1 of 6 companies who flew their products to New York to be featured on “The Today show.” “We thought, ‘Well, it’s about time that frosting was a trend,’ “ they laugh.

Their parents, Yvonne and Ed, are a big help in their enterprise, and their older sister Michelle, a dentist, is “very supportive, but we give her a bad time that she won’t sell our frosting at her dental practice.”

The two sisters lead “double lives,” Angela as an insurance fraud investigator, and Annette as a kindergarten teacher. Annette says, “She’ll tell you if you’re lying and I’ll give you a time-out.” The good spirited fun that is obvious between them is probably part of why they chose to make frosting.

“Celebrations often include a cake with frosting. It just makes everyone happy. The reaction we get when people taste our frosting makes all the work worth it. They close their eyes and become completely silent, even in the middle of a sentence. Then they look as though you’ve just done the best thing for them. And, of course, we think we have!”

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