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Gold Sofi Award Winner 2016
Best Appetizer: Brussizzle Sprouts

Winner of a 2015 Good Food Award for Jalabeaños.

Bread & Buddhas
Carriots of Fire
Brussizzle Sprouts
Cauli-Flower Power
Fenn Shui
Lemon Verbena "Hop Pickles"

Bloody Mary Elixir
Pickle Brine
Michelada Shrub

Mixer Kits
Bloody Mary Kit, Elixir with a jar each of Jalabeaños and Asparagusto.
Deluxe Bloody Mary Kit, 2 bottles of Elixir with a jar each of Jalabeaños, Asparagusto, Carriots of Fire, and Stokra.

Many different combinations available.

Pickle Clubs
Gherkin Pickle Club
Big Dill Pickle Club

Union Street Makerspace
718 Union Street, Santa Barbara
The production facility for Pacific Pickle Works has certified commercial kitchen space available for rent.

  Pacific Pickle Works

Californians are from everywhere, but Bradley Bennett is one of the fortunate few born-and-bred in Santa Barbara. Both parents were educators in the city schools, and theirs was a family of modest means. “Mom and dad always cooked healthy and good quality meals. When I went to college, I became friends with people who were passionate about food - many who were chefs or in the wine industry and others that just loved to cook and share good food. That’s where I really began to develop a love for the experience of food - both in the preparation and the enjoyment.”

Bradley studied architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. When he graduated, it was a rough time in the building industry, so Bradley soon moved on to the software industry and joined InfoGenesis, a software company which provided point of sale systems for very large-scale, high-end restaurants, resorts, casinos, and cruise ships.

“For my first 4 years I traveled all over the world advising our clients, installing system and training users. Through that experience I learned enough about the high stress of enough restaurant openings to know that the restaurant business wasn’t for me. However, the positive outcome was that I experienced a lot of fine wines and fine food along the way.”

“I’m a tinkerer by nature. I see something and think ‘I can do that.’ I love big green Sicilian olives, so I started by making olives. I bought 50 pounds of raw olives from a local olive ranch. I discovered that olives take a lot of work and time, so when I wasn’t able to get raw olives the next year, I began to rethink my olive project.”

Bradley really loves pickles, and as he put it, “The labor for making pickles vs. olives is sort of as making beer is to wine. I wanted to make something I could eat right away. So, for about 3 years I tested different variations of my pickle recipes until I found the ones I liked.”

“As I experimented with my recipes, I made pickles as holiday gifts. Over the years, the list of people who wanted to receive a gift of my pickles got longer and longer! Next thing you know, I was making 20 cases of pickles and giving them away. So I decided to start a pickle business.”

By 2010 Bradley was working for another software company that specialized in nutrition labeling. On the side he began a branding exercise with a designer. “I had already refined the recipes for my first 4 core products, and we needed to work on the logo and label design.”

After initial manufacturing frustrations, Bradley concluded that it would be best to make the products himself. By the fall he had a kitchen and a cannery license and in the spring of 2011, the products were on store shelves. “I wanted to make something that looked and tasted good enough to sell itself. It looks like I’ve achieved that, because stores continue to seek out our products.”

After outgrowing his first kitchen space, Bradley launched a supportive venture, Union Street Makerspace, a production facility where he could make his products and other food entrepreneurs could rent space and time. “It’s a big, wide open space, very configurable and with lots of great equipment. It’s attached to a warehouse, so it can accommodate storage and shipping. It feels good to give back to the Santa Barbara food community and share the space with other innovative people who are good stewards, good tenants, and good people.”

All the paths and even some of the side trips that Bradley has followed have been instructive. “I’ve learned from everything - lots of things I might not have understood without all these experiences. I’m doing something I love that’s scary and exciting every day.”

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