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Ice Cream Sodas

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Thereís no such thing as too much ice cream! One of my favorite memories was my Grandfather making us Black Cows (for the uninitiated, thatís a root beer float with vanilla ice cream).

So we decided to make ice cream sodas California style, with spectacular combinations that you may not have tried before. In Deborah Geitnerís back yard in Healdsburg, California, Deborah, Amy and I did three rounds with different ice creams, sorbets and sodas. (Tough work, but somebodyís got to do itÖ!)

For the first round we used two of the sodas from Vignette Wine Country Soda, Pinot Noir and Rosť, along with three flavors of Agave Dream ice cream. Vignette Wine Country Soda is made with wine grape juice, but has no alcohol, and their fresh, dry taste makes them perfect with food for those who want a non-alcoholic beverage. Since Agave Dream Ice Cream is sweetened with agave syrup, rather than sugar, it has a lower glycemic index than conventional ice cream. Itís also gluten-free.

Deborah and I tried the Vignette Pinot Noir; she used Agave Dream Strawberry ice cream with hers, and I used Vanilla. Amy tried the Rosť soda with Pomegranate AÁai Sorbet. In the sunlight the sodas really sparkled, and when the ice cream was added the bubbles were a beautiful pink color. The drinks looked so appetizing. Delicious and very refreshing!

The second round was deliciously complicated. We made sodas using flavored syrups from Sonoma Syrup Co., and topped them off with ice creams from both Silver Moon Desserts and Agave Dream.

Made from fresh California fruit, the simple syrups from Sonoma Syrup can be used in cooking, baking, cocktails, and of course, sodas. We made our sodas using their Lime, Lavender, Mint, and Meyer Lemon syrups. The sodas were so tasty, even before we added the ice cream.

Silver Moon makes extraordinary ice creams and sorbets that are infused with alcoholic beverages. Even the names of the flavors sound like a party.

Deborah made two sodas using the mint Sonoma Syrup. She added Agave Dream Chocolate ice cream to one and Cappuccino to the other. She proclaimed the mint-cappuccino combination Ēdivine.Ē

Amy made two sodas also, using Lime syrup and Mint syrup. She added Silver Moonís Mojito Ice to both. She just couldnít decide which she liked better.

For my first soda I used Silver Moonís Lavender Limoncello sorbet with the soda made with Sonoma Syrupís Meyer Lemon. For my second one I combined Agave Dream Lavender ice cream with the Lavender soda. Both were yummy combinations, and the lavender one had a lovely aroma.

Round number three featured Fentimans ďbotanical brewed sodas.Ē These are richly flavored, old-fashioned style sodas. Besides the Ginger Beer, each of their other sodas also has a touch of ginger. Crushed ginger is combined with the beverages in the 7-day brewing and fermentation process.

Deborah started with Fentimanís Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger and added Silver Moonís Orange Creamsicle ice cream Ė a twist on a classic. I tried the same soda and added Silver Moonís Bourbon Vanilla Bean ice cream. Whew! Amy decided to drink her Fentimanís soda straight up.

For her final soda, Deborah used Fentimanís Ginger Beer and Silver Moonís Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream. This Ginger Beer is very light in color, so the total effect was creamy deliciousness.

I added Bourbon Vanilla Bean ice cream to Dandelion & Burdock soda. Wow! This soda flavor was introduced to me by Fentimanís, and I am now a big fan. It makes an outstanding ice cream soda with Silver Moonís Bourbon Vanilla Bean. I shared it with Deborah, and she thought she might be able to get away with drinking the whole thing.

This was our idea of a good day! And the three of us agreed that this would make a wonderful party theme.

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